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4 Reasons Why Is Shopify the Best Choice for Your Online Store

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Whether you’re launching a new business or just want to improve your existing business by adding an online shop feature, there is always going to be some doubts about which platform you should use to develop the store.

In this digital-driven era, even people that don’t work in fields related to IT or use their services have already heard about website building or e-commerce platforms like GoDaddy, Wix, and Squarespace. However, only one platform can be the absolute best of all – Shopify!

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is that one e-commerce that provides the best end-to-end solution if you intend to build an online store. Aside from all that, Shopify even offers a dedicated support system for setting up the e-commerce business. Being one of the lead e-commerce platforms, Shopify is processing sales worth more than $48 billion.

However, suppose you have no knowledge or experience in website building or wish to take care only about the actual business part of the business and don’t care about site updates, staying consistent with the world’s site trends, and other stuff like dealing with payment software.

In that case, Shopify is the best choice for you, and you’ll later see that the best business decision you’ve made was to hire Shopify developer. Let’s see why you should choose Shopify as your e-commerce platform and why it is so popular among businesses.

1. Design

The harsh reality is that it’s not enough to have a good product or a service to just reach the top with your business. We totally support the idea that quality products will help the business a lot and create a nice loyal client circle in the long run.

However, it’s important to see that the product isn’t the only thing you’re selling here. People nowadays are buying the whole experience, not just the product. Just as one would prefer a nice-looking, tidy street store over a chaotic one, the same thing happens with sites and e-commerce stores.

No matter how good of a product you sell, the bigger picture is important too – where and how you present the product. Here comes Shopify with its tons and tons of design themes one can choose from and provides all the needed tools to create a professional and yet creative front-end.

2. Implemented POS System Feature

Shopify has this one feature that’s leaving all of its competitors far behind. Shopify has developed a POS system that will work on any device that operates on iOS or Android.

This point-of-sale option can process face-to-face transactions, too, with Shopify Tap, Chil, and the swipe card reader. Furthermore, everything is synced with your stock list and orders so that everything will be updated automatically with every single POS transaction.

What could be considered one of the most annoying things for a business owner now has become just another feature that this e-commerce platform offers. 

3. Payment Gateway Compatibility

So the payment gateway is the payment processing tech that allows your business to receive credit and debit card payments securely. Furthermore, it ensures that all the customer payment data is transmitted in the most secure ways in order to protect both the client and the business providing the service.

Compared to other e-commerce entities, Shopify is way ahead of them, offering more than 100 payment gateways that allow customers to use whatever method they feel most secure when using online. On the extensive list of Shopify payment methods, we can find some of the biggest names in the finance sector like Paypal, Skrill, Coinbase Commerce, as well as CoinPayments.net Crypto Payments.

4. Apps

Another feature that brings Shopify way ahead of its competitors is its app store with numerous add-ons that help mold your store up to your needs. These add-ons ease up some advanced administration functions, such as the bookkeeping feature. Also, there are add-ons that focus entirely on customer service offering automation of emails and a live chat.

One of the most popular add-on apps of the moment is the Sales Pop app featuring ease of conversation and a promising increase in the popularity of your site. Moreover, this app will boost your e-commerce business’s credibility and purchases by displaying live notifications of purchases currently being made to other customers.

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