Every business is using social media platforms for marketing their products and services. Promoting your business on social media can generate a vast number of your sales because nowadays most people first look for all the online available buying options. This digitalization has been a further increase because of the pandemic. The same applies to any jewellery business. You can really boost up your business growth by using these 5 steps –

1.         Target audience – Before taking your jewellery business to online platforms, first think about who your target audience is. You can start by thinking about the people who are most likely to buy your products. There can be any group of people based on gender, age, locality, etc. If you have the best products in earring, women are your target audience or suppose you own one of the Hatton garden jewellery shops, people living in the vicinity are the right audience for you.

2.         Platforms – Once you figure out the target audience, the next step is to choose the right social media platform. There are several social media that you can use such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. but you should look for the ones that are the best for you. Perfect platform has plenty of people that browse for your kind of product and show interest in those types of products. You should not randomly pick any social media and start posting.

3.         Posts – Set up your business profile on the selected social media(s) and start posting valuable and engaging content. Make sure you post a variety of content covering relative information about your jewellery products. For example, you can simply post about the best 5 diamonds available in your store or any discounts or special offer that you currently are running. When you promote your product while posting, don’t forget to ask people to take any action. You can ask them to sign up to your newsletter or ask them to make the purchase saying that it’s a limited offer.

4.         Consistency – Posting 3 times a week is much better than posting 5 times on a single day. Whenever you post something, it pops up into people’s feed and catches their attention. It is obvious that the more you post the more you will have engagement but it is okay to post decently; the only condition is to post frequently. When you stop posting people forget about your existence on the internet and nobody will voluntarily go and check into your profile. Consistency in your posting will pile up your content and will gather people’s attention more often. 5.         Paid promotion – You can also try running paid ads on social media platforms. Sponsored ads will be shown to people who show interests in products like yours. Sometimes, gathering audience directly (organically) can be difficult. In this situation, investing some money to reach out the potential customers is a brilliant strategy. Suppose if you want to sell engagement rings Hatton Garden, the paid ads will reach the targeted audience without fail after adding some basic details.