When you enter a room, it’s usually easy to see what needs cleaning. There is dirty laundry waiting for someone else (or yourself!) to do its job, or dishes and pots sitting by the sink in need of attention too!

Let’s look at the six most common places that skip our attention frequently while cleaning.

Cabinet, Picture Frame, and Door Tops

We all know the importance of regular cleaning, but how much time do you spend on top-of-cabinet and ceiling corners? I’ll bet those areas require attention.

A disposable duster is perfect for capturing dust bunnies hiding out there! And check to see if your lights or fans have spiders hanging around, too – they may get trapped by their webs from proximity.

Under the Furniture

When you spot a dust bunny underneath your bed or sofa, do you know the feeling? You grab a vacuum and get rid of them in seconds.

Well, there’s still more than meets the eye. Have you looked at what lurks on top of furniture as well—the grime that may have been nothing up against these hard surfaces for months without us noticing (and who knows how big those things are!), not just their webs?!

The best way is probably an upright vacuuming device with crevice tool capability.

Baseboards and Walls

A duster is your best friend in the fight against dust. You can use one to clean both vertical surfaces, like walls and furniture alike!

But be careful not to get too carried away with this tool because it’s easy for tiny particles of dirt or hair follicles from getting stuck on there when used horizontally.

Then you’ll have a mess either way. Start at the top (or wherever looks most dirty) and work down using gentle strokes until all visible grime has been eliminated. Moreover, visit this website for more creative cleaning tricks and tips.

Air Vents and Filters

There are various filters, from very expensive HEPA to inexpensive mesh. Whatever type you use, make sure to change or clean them regularly to remain effective! While changing the filter, clean vent grates also. It will ensure less dust over all the surfaces.

Cleaners Need to Be Cleaned Too

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life, but if you don’t take time for yourself and your home cleaning tools, then who will?

Every day we use these cleaning tools that are constantly covered with dirt from floors or counters. When was the last time you spent some time making them shine again? If not, do it now.

Plants and Herbs

Your favourite indoor plants can be natural or silk. But they can accumulate dust on them at a fantastic pace and amount.

If you have hardwood floors, then it’s inevitable that by summertime, our house will be filled with pollen! To eliminate all these unwanted allergens from every room, take each plant out at least once per week for a few minutes and give them a gentle shake.

Use a microfiber cloth if they are huge.