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6 Simple Fish Care Tips

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Fishes join the third rank (11.5%) in the list of top 5 most popular pets owned by pet owners, preceded by dogs (63.4%) and cats (42.7%), and succeeded by birds (5.7%).  

Freshwater tanks are easier to maintain than saltwater tanks because the creatures of freshwater tanks are more adaptable to change and can survive unstable environments than saltwater critters, which are often fragile and die easily even if unintentional neglect occurs. Also, freshwater tanks are economical compared to saltwater tanks.

Some of the best fishes for freshwater tanks can be Neon Tetra, Goldfish, Guppies, Betta, Mollies, and Angelfish.

Fishes as pets are not very tricky to maintain but require more patience, observation, and care. Slips in tending might result in illnesses, infections, or deaths, as fishes are more vulnerable, and rectifying their condition is challenging. But with proper care and sincere surveillance, a healthy fish tank can be maintained.  

Tank Maintenance

Maintain the tank to ensure healthy living conditions for your dearest pet is essential, and the various factors to be kept in mind are discussed as follows:

Cleaning of the Tank

The sides of the tank might have the algae piled up into heaps. The heater and filter could be clogged up with dirt that needs to be cleaned with a scraper, along with the removal of gravel from the bottom. Once done, water can be added that has been disinfected before the fishes are put back.

Temperature Regulations

The average temperature for freshwater fishes that is required to survive is 72-82 F. Avoid keeping the aquarium in hot conditions like near the window with sunlight or cold places like near ventilations. Installation of an aquatic heater is beneficial to avoid the disruption of marine life during chilly winters.

Surveillance on pH levels

Fish owners often overfeed the fish that makes the fish tank more polluted because of the excessive excrete produced and the left out food, raising the level of nitrates and ammonia in the tank. Disrupting the pH system causes damage to the health of the fishes. Freshwater tanks should maintain a pH of 6.8-7.5. Therefore, the installation of aquarium filters and pH testing kits are advised.

Choose Right

The first and foremost step before onboarding fishes as pets, an aquarium of the right size needs to be chosen. The tank size depends on the type of marine system, like a freshwater tank or a saltwater tank, which fish breed brought as the type selected might differ in size, shape, and needs, plus how many fishes are welcomed home. It is to be noted that a congested fish tank leads to depleting oxygen levels, piling up more waste, and even uncertain deaths of the dearest pets.

Daily Care


The diet includes flakes for herbivores and can be combined with some other vegetable foods like lettuce, zucchini, and cucumber, and dry foods as they stay low on proteins. Carnivores would like to feed on bloodworms, prawns and shrimps, and other live feeds because they do not desire much intake of carbohydrates. Omnivores can survive on either.

Pet shops sell pet supplies according to requirements, or they can also be ordered online from the ease of your home. To avoid overfeeding the fishes, feeding them in small chunks a maximum of 3-4 times a day or nibble on the food overnight is advisable.

Noting The Activities

Fish owners need to be careful while keeping the fishes. It might be possible that sometimes a big carnivore fish tries to feed on a small fish in the aquarium. Also, regular checking of the tank must keep a tab on when to tidy it up. Keep a steady eye on the fishes to notice any inactivity from any of them, and if needed, a veterinarian specializing in fishes should be informed immediately.

According to a study, fish aquariums have been said to reduce stress and blood pressure levels because of the ‘soothing effect’ it offers. It pumps a healthier heart with a regular heart rate because of the serenity the fish tanks provide; they are calm and not noisy pets like cats, dogs, and birds.

As compared to other pets, surprisingly, fishes are cheap in maintenance. Their comfy tanks also do not take lots of space. The majestic yet straightforward fish tanks beautifying the home are icing on the cake.

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