enjoying your garden

A house with a garden is the dream of many families. While our imaginations are full of wonderful moments, the reality is often different and owners do not really enjoy the possibilities of their garden to the full. How to do it?

The original plans for a dream garden often take a slightly different direction. Prospective owners who may not have had experience with their own garden before will underestimate the difficulty of maintaining its various parts.

The wooden garden furniture needs to be painted with a protective coating every spring, the swimming pool needs to be cleaned regularly and the water quality maintained, the garden beds need to be weeded, the leaves raked, and so on. The garden then turns from a place to enjoy into a place of daily labour. How to change that?

Reduce the number of ornamental trees and shrubs

The “American” ornamental garden with an English lawn has become the dream of many young families, especially in the last 30 years. But such a garden requires a lot of work and offers little in return.

Trees and hedges need to be trimmed regularly. Biological waste must then be collected and properly treated. In autumn, you will have a lot of leaves to rake. And the lawn is a whole different story. To achieve a truly perfect lawn, it needs the right amount of nutrients, moisture, and regular mowing at the ideal height. In addition, the mower needs to have a perfectly sharp blade so that the cut is clean and the lawn doesn’t turn yellow at the trimming point.

So try to reconsider whether a large ornamental garden really works for you.

Isn’t it better to get something out of the effort? Put fruit trees and vegetable beds back in at least part of the garden. In the end, you will find that the care required is comparable and the reward is a rich and tasty harvest.

Replace furniture with maintenance-free ones

Instead of solid wood, try rattan furniture or furniture with metal construction. Garden benches, tables, and chairs are primarily intended for relaxing, not for having to maintain them over and over again.

This also applies to many other pieces of equipment in your garden. Try to assess for yourself what is taking up an excessive amount of your time. Often there are solutions that provide the same or very similar benefits while needing less attention.

Let the professionals take care

If you don’t want to compromise on garden design and equipment, there is another solution. Get the services of professionals. A professional gardener will take care of your garden with great pleasure. After all, you will only need a visit once or twice a year, when the most work needs to be done in an ornamental garden.

You don’t have to be ashamed of hiring a professional for your garden. It is a completely normal thing to do and it is no longer the privilege of the wealthy. Nor do you have to worry about excessive expenses. If it helps you to live a happy life and allows you to relax in the garden in the first place, it is the obvious choice.