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By Summer Stephan, District Attorney

As your District Attorney, my goal is to increase communication between the DA’s Office, you, and the community. This monthly column is one way I’ve been accomplishing that. It contains consumer tips about public safety issues.

San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan (Courtesy photo)

There have been many times when we’ve heard or seen something too good to be true. This is especially common when looking at online ads or sales. This is especially true when you search Craigslist for rental properties or listing a rental. Summer is the perfect time to search for a new home. Do not fall for the old trick where an out-of towner asks for your bank information in order to deposit funds for your rental. Don’t even consider paying money for anything unseen. These are some tips to keep in mind as you search for property.

Craigslist rental scams consist of phony ads that use photos from real estate and apartment rental websites. The scammer will pretend to own or control the unit. The bad actor will also advertise below-market rent and other “act fast” hooks to get people to deposit money to secure the unit.

Are You Looking for an flat,apartment or home to rent?

Watch out for ads that advertise rents at a significant discount to the market.

By visiting the address, verify that the home is physically located.

Check that the advertiser has keys and is able to show you the inside.

Google the address to locate the local MLS ( Check for lien sales and foreclosures. Do not rent a house that is in foreclosure.

You should not wire money or make deposits until you’ve seen the house. Also, get a written receipt for deposits.

Clear terms and conditions are required for a written lease.

As easily as regular checks, cashier’s checks are susceptible to being counterfeited. Before you take possession of your apartment or house, ensure that the check clears the bank.

Conduct a credit check of the potential tenants.

Refer to references.

Deposits should be accompanied by a receipt.

Clear terms and conditions are required for a written lease.

This is a reminder to ensure that you verify the identity of the person you are dealing and the location for renting is legitimate. If you are driving by the property, look for a “For Rent” sign. . It is possible for something to seem too good to be true. Your gut instincts will guide you. District Attorney Summer Stephan spent 28 years as a prosecutor serving victims and justice. She has been a leader in fighting sex crime, human trafficking and the creation of fair and smart criminal justice solutions. Youth are kept out of prison by using restorative justice methods that treat mental illness and addiction.