Funeral Service

Organising a funeral isn’t an easy proposition because it is a time of grief for the passing of a beloved member of the family. Most people would choose not to take the burden because they’re overcome with sadness and might not focus appropriately on the task at hand. However, ensuring that the departed would have a proper send-off is a way of showing your respect, so if you’re tasked to do it, try to do your best to arrange a worthwhile memorial.

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Here are the steps you have to undertake to give your beloved family member a worthy send-off to the afterlife.

Planning a funeral

One of the first things you have to do is to check if the departed had a prepaid funeral plan in effect. If they have one, coordinate with the company to help arrange the service as set in the policy.

Determine the type of service

You will have to choose whether to bury the deceased or cremate them. If the deceased left instructions, it would be best to honour their wishes. You will also determine if you will have a funeral that a clergy member will officiate or if it will be a non-religious affair.

Set the date and venue of the funeral service 

An important consideration is where to hold the funeral service. While any location that can accommodate people will work, it must be a suitable place where the family can grieve and entertain people who like to express their condolences.

Setting the date is also essential for logistics purposes. The funeral directors can help you thresh out the details regarding the service and the other attendant events leading up to it.

Choosing a casket or an urn

Depending on your decision, you would then choose a casket or an urn for the deceased. If you decide to bury the departed, you can place several items such as photographs, letters, and flowers inside the casket. On the other hand, if you opt for an urn, you must choose a suitable repository.

Planning the service inclusions

If you choose to do it traditionally, the funeral directors will help you with the order of the service. They can guide you to fill out the positions for those who will speak during the ceremony. You should also decide if you want to include music such as hymns or poems to be read during the event. Each funeral service is unique, so you can add personal touches to honour the departed.

Arrange for funeral transport and route 

Once the people give their final respects and view the body one last time, if you bury the dead, you will have to arrange for transport to the cemetery and plan the route. Traditions may dictate which way to take to the final resting place, so you need to be well-versed about it.

Set up the funeral reception

After you’ve laid the person to rest, you can gather to remember them with the other attendees to honour their life.

Final takeaway Organising a funeral service can be challenging, but someone must do it to give the deceased a proper ritual. You need to cover several steps if you wish to have people remember the departed as correctly as possible.