Awesome Survey Email Examples

We all know that being good at conversations is being good at listening, and this applies equally to email marketers. At times, we might not be able to come up with strategies that fetch us tenfold revenues or capture the audience before festivities. But what about asking the subscribers instead of doing the guesswork? Exactly, that’s where surveys fit the bill like nothing else. You can use interactive email templates for in-mail surveys to create new strategies, learn about the loopholes in your existing email marketing campaigns, and allow you to get deep insights into your customers’ desires and affinities. 

Most importantly, email surveys reinstate the fact that email marketing is a two-way outreach channel and that your subscribers are heard and valued. If you have been around in the email marketing industry, there’s no way you would need reasons to launch an email survey campaign- it is a must. So let our experts show you seven awesome examples of collecting feedback through survey emails right away. Let’s get started:

#1 Flowium: Explore Multi Utility Templates

One of the intelligent trends in email surveys is to use interactive email templates that allow you to do more than conduct a survey. This is especially useful when you want the subscriber to click through a link and fill their responses on a separate webpage. It works like a charm because sometimes, people don’t want to do so without getting enough context regarding your brand, why they should participate, and most importantly, why they want their voice to reach your organization. Plus, you would anyway increase your odds of directing traffic towards your website with such templates as shown in the below example:

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#2 Dairy Queen: Throw The Spotlight

If you think that the above method is simply too time-consuming or word-heavy for your subscribers, there’s an easy way around it: Throw the spotlight. Dairy Queen did the job with amazing efficiency as they showed the burger in the hero image and asked their subscribers to share their opinion by clearly stating that it matters. Also, don’t forget to see how they signaled that it would take only two minutes to complete the survey, thereby assuring the subscriber of not taking any more time than a bare minimum. (They have 126 emails to go through every single day)

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#3 DeFeet: Engage To Create Engaging Survey Email Copy

Here is a perfect example of what goes through an email marketer’s mind when creating copy for survey emails from DeFeet. It takes the conversation on a brutally honest note and makes the subscriber feel involved in the whole process. On top of that, they strike humor at the right note with the office setup while including a 20% discount coupon works wonders at the end of their super engaging email copy:

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#4 Vimeo: Become A Creative Attention Seeker

Attention seeking isn’t bad if it comes in a highly creative way, right? Vimeo came up with a rather steamy acronym that has a completely formal full form: New Standards For Work. That’s how getting creative without compromising on decency works, at least with a chuckle but what’s more interesting is the fact that the email survey is about a personality test for a hybrid working model.

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#5 Marriott: Use Scales To Dig Deeper

Using scales to measure affinities is one of the classic in-mail survey tactics that almost any company can leverage. Though it doesn’t give you a very specific answer, it gives you plenty of room to be creative for future correspondence and make changes in your product/service. Have a look at this example from Marriott, where it fetches the opinion while leaving the door open for a follow-up email to get more insights based on the response:

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#6 Netflix: Catch The Pulse In One Click

If you think that life is too short for asking your subscribers to choose between 1 and 10, you can always go for definitive questions to get rock-solid insights. Netflix uses this simple but visually engaging email template to know if their subscriber liked a show which will be used to refine suggestions in the future. Also, it can help the production team choose more relevant shows in the future as they catch the pulse of their users:

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#7 Ritual: Keeping It Simple

Last but not least, you can always keep things simple and ask for feedback like in the below example from Ritual. However, it is noteworthy that your brand must be engaged in a sophisticated sector where communication plays a huge role in the business process. For content-heavy sectors like the entertainment industry or social media apps, sticking with pleasing visuals remains a better strategy. In the below email, we can draw inspiration from the fact that the email copy resonates with its minimalistic design and gives a very decluttered feel to the overall message. Put together, these qualities help the reader get the context and know what to expect when clicking through to fill the survey responses.

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Summing Up

In-mail surveys are one of the finest arsenals in an email marketers’ vault- they are versatile tools to improve, strategize, and rethink your approach to your subscribers. Also, survey emails prove to be a great asset when it comes to establishing a more accessible brand that is customer-focused, empathetic, and not so boring. We hope that these examples help you create awe-worthy survey emails for your future marketing efforts.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.