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There are many paths to becoming a personal trainer. Maybe you were a varsity athlete in school, or perhaps you barely passed gym class, only to discover the joys of exercise as an adult.

Whatever your fitness journey, you can use that experience to build a great career helping others along their journeys.

Organizations like the American Sports & Fitness Association can get you started on a career that will let you:

Help people get healthy

Work isn’t just about getting paid, and it’s one of the most important ways we find meaning in our lives. As a personal trainer, you can wake up every day with purpose.

As work and leisure have become more sedentary over the decades, people have had to learn how to make exercise a conscious priority, rather than getting it through the everyday activities earlier generations did for their own sake.

Training from the American Sports & Fitness Association will teach you how to safely assess clients’ needs and create effective programs to get them healthy.

Help people feel confident

Fitness is not just about physical health. Your clients may come to you thinking they want to lose weight or add muscle, but these material changes only account for a small part of their improved self-image.

As a personal trainer, you will teach people how to set smart goals, stay motivated, and overcome setbacks. Your clients will gain confidence in their ability to take control of all aspects of their lives.

In addition to the can-do attitude you can support through any solid workout plan, some personal training styles can give people confidence in more specific ways. For example, the American Sports & Fitness Association offers certifications in functional fitness, which gives people the skills and strength to engage in everyday activities, and tactical fitness, which develops the mental and physical abilities needed to respond to emergencies.

Enter a growing industry

Modern sedentary lifestyles, an aging population, and growing awareness of the physical and emotional benefits of exercise make fitness education a growing industry, with no signs of plateauing anytime soon.

Create a unique career path

A personal trainer is an excellent profession if you want to build a career tailored to your life. You can work 9 to 5 for all different kinds of large companies–not just gyms but also community centers, assisted living and retirement communities, companies looking to develop employee health programs, and more.

Many personal trainers are freelancers, setting their schedules and rates. If you have an entrepreneurial streak, consider building your own small business.

Enjoy constant growth and variety

If you love fitness enough to be considering a career in it, you already know how satisfying it is to improve yourself constantly. With a career as a personal trainer, growth opportunities abound. Not only will you always be developing interpersonal skills like coaching and leadership, but you can also keep your job fresh by training in new fitness styles through the American Sports & Fitness Association.

Get Certified as a Personal Trainer with The American Sports & Fitness Association

Meaningful, lucrative, and never dull, becoming a personal trainer can start a brand new life. Find a quality certification program today if you’re ready to explore this exciting career opportunity!