Been Wrongfully Terminated

What does it mean to be wrongfully terminated? This is when you’re dismissed from your job in a way that breaches state laws or stipulations in your employment contract. A labour lawyer will be able to inform you about wrongful termination, PA, or in any other state.

Wrongful termination is an unfair dismissal and there are steps you can take if you believe you’ve been wrongfully dismissed from your position.

Be Professional

At all times, it’s important not to let your emotions get the better of you. In a situation like this, that might seem like a tall order. You might feel angry, bitter, and even hopeless and frightened.

However, strong emotions like these could cause you to make decisions you normally wouldn’t, and behave in a way that might negatively impact the progression of the case.

Try to work through your emotions in a personal space and remain polite and professional in any interactions you have with your employer or a labour attorney.

Find a Lawyer

Getting in contact with an experienced labour lawyer that you trust and feel confident and comfortable working with is an important step to take.

You can find an attorney based on reviews and recommendations online or via people you know, but be sure to engage with them before making a decision. You’ll need to find out information about their fees, their schedules, and generally, find out whether or not you connect with the person and trust them with your case.

Find Out Why

When you’re terminated, you might be given a reason that makes no sense, doesn’t seem valid enough, or you might not be given a reason at all.

Once you’ve had time to calm down and work through your emotions, it’s a good idea to address your employer to find out the exact (and perhaps hidden) reasons you were fired.

If they don’t want to discuss this with you or the conversation turns out to be fruitless, you will want to take things further by getting in touch with HR for documentation relating to your termination, warnings or any other information that might give you an answer.

Discuss a Lawsuit

If you’re unsatisfied with the progression of your situation within the workplace, you might wish to let your attorney file a lawsuit.

Naturally, you’ll need to discuss with them what this would look like, what it might entail, and whether you have the evidence that’s likely to result in a satisfactory settlement. There are a few options that will be available to you in these cases, and an experienced lawyer will be able to help you come to the right decision.


It’s important to remember that you can and need to enforce your rights when you’ve been wrongfully terminated. Your employer might be lying to you or hiding real reasons for your termination, and you don’t need to simply accept their answers and move on.

If the situation doesn’t feel right, stand your ground, contact an attorney and fight your injustice.