Heated Bodywarmers

Heated bodywarmers feature multiple extensive heating zones to deliver even and effective heat distribution, making them perfect under your usual jacket or sweater. Two models of this vest exist, the PRO and the Dual Heating. Our PRO model is containing five heating zones strategically placed. The Dual Heating incorporates our unique Dual Heating technology. As such, it contains twice as much heating zones as our PRO model, making it the hottest model within our Heated bodywarmers category. From being worn under a costume for the cold periods, or under a jacket to walk your dog, or even at your work on an every-day basis, our Heated bodywarmers has various

Heated bodywarmer Technology

Powered by robust power banks, these vests are designed for optimal comfort and convey a powerful heating. For our PRO model, one battery to power five heating zones is provided, whereas two batteries for the ten heating zones comes with our Dual Heating model. The battery fits in a designated compartment, and with three heat settings available, you can customize the warmth to suit your preference. The vest can provide up to six hours of heat. The included charging cable ensures your vest is ready whenever you need it, and the power bank can also be used to charge other heated products like insoles or glove batteries.

Heated Zones and Sizes

Both of our Heated bodywarmer models features integrated multiple heating elements in the chest and upper back and are designed to be worn under outer garments for discreet warmth. The size of the electric body warmer can be adjusted at the sides and shoulders, using zippers and, depending on the model, velcro or snap buttons.

Electric Vest for Work and Leisure

The electric body warmer is ideal for wearing under work clothes and is universally sized with adjustable sides and shoulders for a perfect fit. It’s also great for winter sports enthusiasts, providing an additional layer of insulation that traps heat effectively. Just as home insulation keeps warmth inside, wearing an insulated outer layer over the electric vest maximizes its efficiency.

Tips and Warranty for Heated Apparel

All BERTSCHAT® heated garments come with a one-year manufacturer warranty and are supported by excellent customer service, evident from numerous positive reviews. Should you have any questions about choosing the right heated jacket or vest, our experts are ready to assist and ensure you make the best selection for your needs. Heated jacket and other heating products are also available to complete your ensemble for maximum protection and heat in the coldest regions.