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A common misconception about wall shelves is they’re just a waste of money. Some also complain about the space that it takes because it can make a room look too clumped.

Hence, it’s easy to say that not a lot of people appreciate the beauty and functionality that the said pieces add to a room. In contrast to how some homeowners view it, properly arranged shelves complement cabinets and wardrobes. Using it also comes with a long list of pros, which means that it’s far from being a mere waste of money.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what proper use of shelves can do for you, then you’re in the right place. We have listed some of the many benefits of using shelves for storage in this article.

1. Maximizes Room Space

Instead of having dead, empty walls in your room that don’t serve any purpose, what do you think about installing wall shelves to maximize your existing space?

Doing so will let you place more stuff yet still keep it organized, especially if you install more than two shelves. You also won’t have to do unnecessary damage to your wall since you won’t have to use several pins just to keep your picture frame intact.

Another thing, the things that you place on the floor either due to convenience or for the same purpose of utilizing the room will also have their own spots on the shelf. You can then put other, more necessary things on the floor if you really need to.

2. Increases Overall Productivity

It can be hard to stay productive if we’re surrounded by clutter and basically just things that aren’t in their right places. Even cleaning won’t be easy since it will take time, and it can still end up in the same condition if your storage spaces are usually hard to access.

However, with a shelf, you can expect to increase overall productivity since you can place the things that need immediate reaching on them. It will be easy to get and easy to place back in its right spot since it’s more accessible. This means getting more work done in a shorter amount of time and, ultimately, having an ideal working environment.

3. Allows More Convenience 

A shelf won’t require you to open doors, install locks, or go on the other side of the room just to get something.

Using it is as simple as stretching your hand out towards the thing that you want to reach, and that’s it. You’ll find your room more convenient to work with since you got rid of possible

issues like the need for constant movement and hassling tasks. This also goes hand in hand with providing more opportunities for productivity.Read more about please visit nydailybusiness

To make it even better, you can also expect to find cleaning easier and less time-consuming because of shelves. Gone are the days when you have to store everything in a wardrobe or cabinet, which can be tiring since you’ll have to memorize where you put which.

4. Easier to Install than Heavier Storage Tools

The only things you will need to install on a wall shelf are screws and a screwdriver, which are not really hard to find. Some models also include the screws in the package for more convenience. If you’re worried about the frame you need to screw on, rest assured that they’re already attached to the shelf. If not, these will at least be provided, so there’s still nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, you won’t have to spend extra time and money to hire a professional and have them work on the installation process. You’ll be fine if you know how to use screwdrivers that only involve basic screw turning.

5. Improves Room Organization

If you combine increased productivity, convenience, and room space, then it’s guaranteed that you will also have a better sense of organizing your room. There will be little to no clutter since you will always have a space for things you want to keep in your room. You won’t also find the need to just stuff up a random object in the drawers whenever you don’t know where to put them.


As you can see, wall shelves come with a lot of benefits.

Compared to continuously duplicating your drawers, shelves take less space despite providing more room for your stuff. It’s also more budget-friendly and can easily be installed even without a professional’s help. Not to mention, shelves also allow more productivity to whoever owns the room.

There are just some things that you should consider to ensure that you’ll be able to make the most out of the said furniture piece. These include the quality of the shelves you’ll buy, their aesthetic quality, and how you will place them around your room. You should also take the price into account to make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth.