Bengaluru Church Erects Recycled Christmas Tree To Thank Covid Warriors

The church has erected a Christmas Tree with factory waste crafted into stars


The Mar Thoma Church in Bengaluru, that makes Christmas Trees out of recycled wastes like newspapers, plastic bottles and rags, has kept the tradition alive. This year, in honour of the millions of frontline Covid warriors, the church has erected a Christmas Tree with factory waste crafted into stars.

“Every year we try to use different materials which can be recycled. We have used videotape, newspapers, plastic covers. Whatever people throw out we use that to make a pretty remarkable tree,” Daniel Thomas, a Church member told NDTV.

Stars have a special meaning at this time of year – and on this recycled Christmas Tree they are a way of saying thank you to the corona warriors.

“The stars have always been a symbol of Christmas and a symbol of hope. And this year we wanted to thank all our frontline workers. And this is a small way of saying “thank you” to our superstars – the frontline workers from the police, the medical field. And the farmers as well. It is our way of thanking all of them,” said Mr Thomas.

“We found a factory called Firm Edge in Bangalore that makes the tape that is used as a banding for furniture. They were quite happy knowing we were going to use the rejected material. After this, we will give it back to them and they will continue to make it into pellets for other plastic items.”


The Church has also arranged for people to express their gratitude to the Covid warriors. Visitors can tie stars on the tree from a box kept next to it to thank those who have led from the front in the global fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Karnataka, with over 9.12 lakh cases of coronavirus, today withdrew a night curfew order announced a day earlier amid concerns over a mutated and rapidly-spreading coronavirus strain, citing “public feedback”.

The curfew, that was announced Wednesday and rescinded today, coincided with the Christmas and New Year holidays, which hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs in Bengaluru and other major cities have been hoping to cash in on, particularly since many have accumulated losses due to the earlier lockdown.


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