Best Mobility Solutions

Did you know that more than 20 million people who are 18 and older have serious issues in walking or climbing stairs? This means around 7.1% of civilians are in dire need of mobility solutions.

This leads us to the question, which mobility solution do they need most? Read on to find out four mobility solutions that can give you better accessibility, among others!

1. Powerful Wheelchairs

While walkers and cranes can help with mobility problems, it’s not the best among mobility solutions. Today, wheelchairs come in varieties meant to fill different needs. Electric wheelchairs, for instance, are a more viable mobility solution for the elderly and disabled alike as it allows for convenience.

No more rolling the wheels yourself or having someone to push you around whenever needed. Instead, electric wheelchairs offer the convenience of speed and accessibility while fostering independence.

Powerful electric chairs will also bring you to further places. Thus, allowing you to develop social relationships. More importantly, they protect you from incurring injuries from using cranes and walkers.

2. Drive Anywhere with Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters come in indoor and outdoor models that provide better mobility options. What sets it apart from electric wheelchairs is that it can travel at a greater distance. It also travels at a faster speed.

This encourages your loved ones to go out, breathe fresh air, and bask in the sunlight. This opportunity also helps improve their social and mental health. This, in turn, results in an improved lifestyle for your mobility-challenged loved ones.

Portability is another benefit that you can get and enjoy from using scooters. Manufacturers of mobility scooters equipped these mobile devices with an easy-to-handle steering mechanism. Thus, making them easy to get a hang around with.

These accessibility solutions also come with wider seats and adjustable armrests. This allows you to change the scooter’s configuration to suit your specific needs.

Most scooters also come with a foldable backrest that you can fold down when needed. Best of all, you can easily disassemble mobility scooters when necessary. Thus, if you need to relocate, bringing your scooter with you won’t pose a problem.

Thus, mobility scooters not only provide better accessibility. They also give great comfort to users.

3. Ramp: A Must-Have Mobility Solution

Here’s a pro tip: adding a ramp is a big yes if you want to increase your mobility experience. Ramps are walkways that allow better accessibility for those using wheelchairs and scooters.

Ramps will make it easier for you to stroll through doorways, inclined landings, and the likes. As you won’t have to deal with a risky part like these, you’ll also be much safer from the risk of accidents.

Another benefit of ramps worthy of remembering is that they’re portable. You can easily install and take them down as you see fit.

The materials used in them are also high-quality, robust, and durable. This means even heavy scooters can use ramps without worrying about damages.

Suppose you’re worried about its aesthetic appeal; note that ramps aren’t necessarily ugly. Furthermore, these come in a wide range of materials allowing you to choose one that best compliments your home. For instance, wooden ramp models could be a good choice if you have a hardwood patio.

It’s also worthy of remembering that high-quality ramps can increase your home value. In addition, this upgrade is valuable to homebuyers who have disabled or senior family members.

Further, the convenience of ramps is not only limited to the mobility-challenged but also extends to their loved ones. They also prove to be useful in moving objects such as furniture and equipment in and out of the house. These benefits and more guarantee that buying Mobility Plus ramps is one decision that you’ll never regret.

4. Stair Lifts

Stairs pose as one of the biggest challenges for mobility-challenged individuals. Yet, at the same time, it also poses as the biggest contributing factor to safety issues.

Three million older adults visit the emergency department for injuries related to falls. Out of every five fall injuries, one victim experiences serious fall injury like broken hip and bones or a head injury. Among the fall incidents experienced by the elderly, many occurred in their homes.

These statistics prove how dangerous stairs pose to the elderly and disabled alike when unaltered. Fortunately, you can help minimize this risk by installing stairlifts.

Stairlifts are one of the best mobility solutions for the elderly to keep them safe from fall accidents. This is a perfect solution for those who feel anxious about using stairs. As you’ll only have to sit on the stairlift, you’ll get to move around in comfort.

You no longer need to worry about tripping, slipping, or missing a step. People can now move independently from one floor to another by simply pushing a button.

Also, manufacturers designed stairlifts to give controls for both left and right-handed people. Are you worried because you have a curved staircase?

Fear not, as you can install stairlifts on any staircase. May it be a curved, straight, or on a several-flight staircase. You can also install stairlifts on whichever side of the stairs. It gets better, as stairlifts help you save money on your bills should you opt to send your loved ones to a home for the aged.

Vehicle Lifts

Similar to stairlifts, it can also come in handy to get yourself a vehicle lift. Vehicle lifts allow you to load and unload your or your loved one’s scooter or wheelchair with so much ease. It also allows you to bring with you your mobile devices anywhere you go.

Invest in These Mobility Solutions Today!

The use of mobility solutions such as wheelchairs, scooters, ramps, and stair lifts not only allows better accessibility. It also opens opportunities for mobility-challenged people to go out and socialize. This results in improved mental health and quality of life.

Best of all, it helps eliminate the risk of falling and rather keeps you and your loved ones safe. Investing in these four mobility solutions is a move you ought to make today!

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