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Sports is such a fascinating enterprise right? It is just that perfect blend of serious and cool and fun and it gives you an adrenaline rush second to none. Being at home all the time during this Covid-19 pandemic has sure turned all the sports enthusiasts into either clicking and cheering for their favorite home sports teams or sports stars on the television, because all the stadiums seem to be closed, or take out those long abandoned consoles and dish out the the best moves to win video games and that too sports based.

Cheering at stadiums is always an added entertainment with all the greasy food and the overpriced beers giving you all enough company, but sports based video games have not let you remain high and dry in the aftermath of the pandemic completely changing the world of almost all sports enthusiasts. More importantly, there is a huge range of sports based video games available now in the present day, bringing you a perfect blend to channel both the jock and the nerd inside you. So, tune in and scroll down to get a clear idea about which sports based video games you need to play now, ranging from indie sweethearts to the raging popular ones and even the newest releases of 2021, carefully curated just for you!

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The following are some of the top  sports based video games recommended for you to play and have a blast at:

  • Punch-Out!: This video game has become the talk of the sports town with the vote of being sixth best NES game ever. Punch-Out! really has all the best features lined up with the latest simulation based sport gaming experience available. The story line is fairly easy to understand, but quite fun. You are introduced as a rookie character boxer called Little Mac who is going up the boxing ladder where the ultimate finale waits for him-fame and boxing deals with the best. You   however, will have to fight several fictional and famous boxers who might even be from the real world to get to the ultimate world champion Mike Tyson at the last section of the game. Adored by all, this one has been a sensation since 1987 and continues to be so;
  • Wii Sports: Developed in 2006, and recommended till now by USA Today, Wii Sports is apparently not only the second best selling sports based video game all through the world and also of all time, but also the sports game that introduced and smashed all world records with the entire idea of the almost real life VR experience it provides to its players. This sports-based video game has an immersive experience for you to get into a series of in-depth gameplay, almost as if you are already there on the field. There are selections of sports available to choose amongst, which have a wide range and include baseball, tennis, golf and even the homey bowling. With a Nintendo Wii, you must get this game and play for sure;
  • SSX: Snowboarding was never the go to sport for gaming, but it got virtual with this sports based video game that was created back in 2012 to outsmart every other video game on snowboarding ever. Created with extreme attention to details of the  mountains where snowboarding championships take place and actually designed using NASA topographic data, SSX has around 150+ incredible jumps and drops that need to be perfected by the gamer. What’s the catch? There is a great space of being trapped in a virtual snowstorm, so you are literally perfecting your jumps while trying to save your life. You also get to have a personalized music playlist;
  • Blood Bowl 3: This video game is one of the latest ones out there. It is fairly different from what the normal football based video gamers have seen earlier. Blood Bowl 3 is an awesome video game to invest your time and energy in if you are a hard-core fan of fantasy video games like Skyrim and so on. Created by indie software provider Cyanide and published by major companies like Nacon and Bigben Interactive, Blood Bowl 3 is this new fantasy sports driven video game that has all the features of the Super Bowl with smooth movements and extremely high resolution graphics. On the other hand, the Blood Bowl 3 video game has an added fantasy gaming system to it. Instead of getting characters like maybe Tom Brady, you have ogres, Norse people or elves playing football in the Super Bowl. To win, you may need to smash a couple of jaws, detonate bombs upon a few enemies and get to the final touchdown in a very smashing tizzy, like a “death-fuelled Super Bowl ” as stated by Gamesradar+; 
  • SkateBIRD: Another latest sports video game but again, a super fun  offering in 2021, SkateBIRD is the most hilarious and colourful skateboard video game where you play as birds of different kinds. Created by Glass Bottom Games and published by the same company, SkateBIRD has colourful birds on skateboards going whoosh as they whizz past all the destinations in high definition graphics to get to the finish line. What’s more? Well, you get unique skateboards like sticky tape and straws to ride on!


Looking up all these aforementioned video games based on sports has to be on your bucket list for gaming right now because if you are a sports enthusiast and you have not started playing these classics as well as new ones, then you are clearly missing out on the all the fun that you can have with sports and video games coming together to unleash the nerd and jock in you simultaneously. Check out the classics as well as the latest video games on sports mentioned here and we bet that you will not be disappointed!