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6 Surprising Ways Cakes Can Benefit Your Health

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Everyone loves Cakes! It’s a fact and there is no denying that. Whether it is a birthday cake or an anniversary cake or even a farewell cake from office, everyone loves to eat that big slice. All festivities get completed when a cake is cut. Cakes are available in various flavours ranging from evergreen black forest cakes to gooey chocolate cakes to yummy butterscotch cakes. To each its own taste of flavours and shape, but cakes definitely win everyone’s hearts. Check out the best birthday cakes that everyone likes to order and enjoy.

But did you know that apart from being a tasty dessert and a festive mood prepper, cakes also have some very good advantages for our health. Read on to find out how can cakes that add to your calories benefit your health.

  1. Excellent source of Energy- The main two ingredients in baking a yummy cake are flour and sugar. Both of them have carbohydrates and thus add to being a great source of energy. That’s why they say when you feel low, have a slice of cake and you will feel energetic.
  2. Make you happy- Cakes are high in sugar. Sugar releases endorphins which makes you happy. That’s also one of the reasons we cut cakes on birthdays. So when we blow the candles and have a big slice to ourselves, the endorphins get released and we feel happy and gay.
  3. Give you strength- A lot of cakes have milk as a primary ingredient. Milk contains calcium which improves the functionality of our bones giving strength to them. Also, many cakes have nuts like almonds, cashews in them which are huge source of energy and immunity builders. Thus adding to the overall strength of our body.
  4. Lots of fibre- Fruit cakes which have fruits like pineapple, banana, apples and other mix fruits are very high in fibre. Fibre is very important for our body as it aids digestion. In fact, many parents whose kids do not like fruits disguise the fruits in cakes and feed the kids. That’s the love of cake. So next time you feel you need a good gut, have a hearty fruit cake and enjoy it.
  5. The fat provides warmth- Cakes are a great food to eat in winters. Some of the fruit cakes and plum cakes baked especially in winters provide energy and release a lot of warmth in the winter months. Thus it is excellent source of body warmth in the winters.
  6. Proteins from body-building- The original form of cakes contain eggs and eggs are a huge source of protein. Proteins help in body building and increasing muscle in our body.

So with so many health benefits of cakes along with the happiness of a birthday cake or anniversary cake, who says that cakes add to the size of your waistline? They only add to the happiness and your good health. So celebrate your occasions with online cakes and enjoy cutting a cake. In case, you aren’t a good baker yourself and can’t whip up a home made cake then go for a trusted online cake delivery website and celebrate your occasions.

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