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Hello BTS Army! Have you noticed something many of us might overlook when scrolling through Instagram profiles of TV artists, musicians and their Zodiac birthdays? Fans often check these details of their favourite pop artists or celebrities on social media accounts; for BTS members this curiosity can become hard to control!

BTS members or Bangtan Boys is a seven-member musical group from South Korea that has captured the hearts of millions. Music lovers appreciate their stunning choreography and songs; BTS also have an enormous fan base who search online for BTS Birthday lists every year!

Are You Following BTS Members Looking For Their Birth Date, Zodiac Sign Or Age Details?

Are You curious to know the latest details on BTS Members such as their Birthday, Age and Zodiac Sign Details? Don’t look any further; here you will find all of your beloved celeb’s birthdate, zodiac sign details as well as birthdate and age!

RM (12th September 1994 – 29 Virgo); Suga (9th of March ’93 30 Pisces), Jimin 13th of October 1995 28 Libra; V 30th December 1995 28 Capricorn

Kim Namjoon (RM)

J-Hope 18th February ’94 – 29 Aquarius | Jin 4th December ’92 | 31 Sagittarius
Kim Namjoon (RM), better known by his initials, was born September 12th 1994 during autumn season. As part of the Virgo zodiac sign ruled by Mercury (and therefore himself) they will no doubt take great delight in discovering that RM has long been part of BTS from its beginning – one of its key translators when conducting interviews with English speaking individuals (seen through his rap bars) along with one of its top translators for interviews involving English-speakers; others in BTS members have expressed desire to gain knowledge from him; since joining early stages RM has taken his position within BTS and has become one of its leader ever since joining.

On March 9th, BTS celebrates their mysterious member Suga’s birthday; born in 1993 but no one would guess at his youthful appearance and performance! Suga has become an indispensable leader within BTS as well as enjoying solo success since joining. Suga can be described as an Aquarius due to his impressive qualities of empathy, openness and susceptibility. These attributes were displayed through his generous donation of $88000 along with 329 BT21 Shooky dolls to the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation on his birthday – which some consider him the ultimate bias-breaker! Suga constantly cares for children’s mental wellbeing.


If you are seeking information regarding BTS Jimin’s birthday, he was born on October 13th 1995 as part of Libra zodiac signs. With 28 years old Libra being the ruler of Venus. She exudes qualities such as elegant nature, nobleness and beautiful charm – qualities which she displays through dance moves like contemporary dance moves that showcase his planet of beauty and art. Jimin has won many hearts through his dance routines; furthermore his generous donations of uniforms for schools with low income families (totalling 88000 dollars donated!) along with copies of his albums signed and donated are testaments of this. Jimin also assists children from families with low income through the Busan Department of Education.

V Kim Tae-Hyung

Kim Tae-Hyung is widely known by his stage name V. Born December 30th 1995 under Capricorn zodiac, V is currently 28 years old. V’s zodiac sign perfectly captures his personality and actions; V is known for her charismatic charm and unyielding drive to succeed; making her the epitome of Capricorn energy. Not only is she an accomplished musician but she’s also a rising actor star! Kim Tae-Hyung has served as an inspirational role model to many prominent people such as Jaehyun and Byun Hyun-min. He understands his goal efficiently while remaining hard working throughout. V is known for having a distinct voice which takes time to match up to his appearance, earning him the nickname of the Chief of Mischief.


Are You Wondering When is Jungkook’s BTS Birthday? Often known for his role as Golden Maknae, Jungkook was born September 1, 1997 and currently stands at 26 years old. A unique Virgo within their band or group, Jungkook exhibits all characteristics characteristic of being Virgo such as emotional stability. Jungkook, one of the younger members of BTS, is widely respected for his dedication and work. Jungkook has performed several classic BTS songs as well as produced YouTube-based videos; he produced Life Goes On an album of BTS and played drums for Dynamite- an immensely popular live performance from BTS. Before forming Big Hit with RM the singer, Jungkook had already been pursued by various entertainment firms; ultimately joining Big Hit when meeting this superstar singer!


Are you familiar with the phrase, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope?” JHope was born February 18, 1994 and currently stands 29. His zodiac sign for Aquarius matches up perfectly with his extrovert personality: JHope is known for being lively yet quiet at once; an avid dancer (winning a national dance contest as evidence) with extremely helpful qualities as well. JHope represents an ideal combination of unique traits such as personality, intelligence and individualism all in one persona!

Are You Wondering When BTS Member Jin Was Born? Born December 4, 1992 and 31 years old, Jin BTS is known for being one of the funniest members in their group. Jin’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius which is considered one of the friendliest signs and his planet of influence is Jupiter. Jin has a vibrant personality as well as being energetic and curious – loves traveling, discovering different philosophical systems, cultures, as well as fulfilling his dreams without hesitation or regret! Additionally he recently opened a Japanese-themed restaurant located in South Korea alongside his brother – giving him much love!


About BTS Happy Birthday [sc_fs_multi_faq] mes mes mes Jin, who has reached 30 years, is the senior most member.

question-1=”Who is the youngest BTS member?”

Answer-1=”Jungkook at 25 years of age is by far the youngest BTS member.

question-2 ‘Which Zodiac Sign Are Most Common Among BTS Members?”

Answer-2=”Virgo is most frequently chosen among BTS members. Both RM and Jungkook are zodiac signs in their zodiac sign.

BTS members are truly remarkable individuals. Each member is phenomenal in their own way and have unique personal preferences; whether you admire Jin J-Hope or another BTS member, each has his or her own special charm that corresponds with his zodiac sign; but together these seven individuals make up the perfect band capable of producing amazing songs!