Care360 vs MediLinks

There are several solutions for streamlining clinical and administrative tasks. The availability of different options makes it challenging to pick the suitable EMR (electronic medical record). Care360 and MediLinks are two medical solutions that provide competent systems to physicians. This blog will compare these two clinical tools with each other. Moreover, you will learn how you can access the Care360 EHR demo vs MediLinks EMR demo.

Care360 EHR, now called Quantum EHR, offers medical EHR (electronic health record) software. Its features compete with the industry’s best practice tool sets. This cloud-based software supports the management of digital files and patient care. You can also use it to access health data through a versatile web-based solution. Moreover, it supports small independent doctor’s offices and multi-specialty medical practices too. 

MediLinks has now changed its name to Wellsky. The MediLinks Rehabilitation solution provides a completely customized EMR and practice management system. It is ideal for rehabilitation practitioners like physical, occupational, speech, and pediatric therapists. It also provides a variety of customized capabilities to assist rehabilitation providers. They can better manage their incoming, outbound, and pediatric patients.

Care360 EHR

Key Features

Patient Portal

Patients and doctors can use “MyQuest” to communicate with one another. It can also streamline electronic communication. Physicians can send and receive messages and preserve patient-visit notes. They can manage an electronic record of patient conversations and much more. Patients can use it to track their health and examine test results. They can even share medical information with physicians and so on.

Patient Data

During the point of care, physician’s certain patient-specific analytics in real-time. Data diagnostics provide insights to physicians whenever they need them. At the same time, it increases accessible data sources. It pulls data from various clinical, claims quality, and lab data for decision support.

Lab Integration

“Quest Lab” assists you in optimizing your lab test selections. It generates better results while saving on expenses. It also helps you avoid duplicate, unneeded, and skipped tests.

LTAC (Long-Term Acute Care)

Real-time care notes assist LTAC practitioners in being on the same page as their patients. It also ensures quick implementation of treatment regimens. The use of notifications, reminders, and communications options is helpful. Use the LTCH Care Data Set submission tool for simple data collection and submission.


Valant’s integrated telehealth integrates with your workflows. It supports your practice whether you offer one-on-one virtual consultations or group counseling. You do not have to copy and paste the invite URL to each group therapy member. You can also schedule group telehealth appointments. Participants will receive the meeting links. The seamless switch from group to individual notes saves time during telemedicine sessions.

Care360 EHR Pricing

The size of your practice determines the cost of the Care360 subscription plan. Care360’s pricing details are not listed on the website. You can get a customized quote by contacting the Care360 support staff.

Care360 EHR Demo

You can also schedule a Care360 EMR demo. The purpose of a demo is to help you scale Care360 across your practice.

Care360 EHR Reviews

Care360 EMR reviews show that it is a dependable solution for practices. It is flexible for clinical workflows too. Many users also testify that it increases patient engagement.

MediLinks EMR 

Key Features

Practice Management Support

MediLinks EHR software can help you simplify and streamline complex patient management operations. It assists you in achieving efficiency by using notifications and alerts. It also minimizes the complexity of scheduling. You can lower the number of patients who do not attend appointments. Tailored patient communication lets you stay in touch with them.

Respiratory Rehabilitation

You can improve labor management and simplify patient assignments with Medlinks’s respiratory rehabilitation solutions.  You can also use it to diagnose patients. MediLinks allow your staff to focus on providing excellent patient care.

MediLinks’ acute rehabilitation and respiratory solutions integrate with a variety of systems. These include ADT (admin discharge transfer), Orders, and Narrative Results Out. The goal is to help you streamline your workflow and manage your information.

Blood Transfusion

MediLinks Transfusion is FDA 510(k) approved. This feature lets you maintain assurance of patient safety. Moreover, you can manage product quality and regulatory compliance. Throughout the blood management process, MediLinks will systemize workflows. It will create the quantity of visibility required to deliver exceptional outcomes. You will also be able to access data of all operations. In fact, you can keep access to precise patient-level information.

MediLinks EMR Pricing

You can also schedule a demo with the MediLinks team through the vendor profile. You can see MediLinks in action. A demo will also answer any questions you have about MediLinks.

MediLinks EMR Demo

You can also schedule a demo with the MediLinks team through the vendor profile. You can see MediLinks in action. A demo will also answer any questions you have about MediLinks.

MediLinks EMR Reviews

According to MediLinks reviews, it has flexible functionality. MediLinks is also appreciated for creating patient reports. Moreover, it facilitates note-taking and allows you to record the entire procedure.

Final Remarks

Care360 supports practices of all kinds, from minor to mid-sized and public hospitals. It does not compromise patient health and ensures dependable service. It integrates essential tools like electronic lab management, e-prescribing, and medical history. Physicians can also work with customizable templates.

The MediLinks software fulfills the demands of both established and emerging practices. It is a web-based clinical system that offers progress tracking and insurance management. Users can also access care plan management to improve workflows. Doctors can use it and access medical history, medications, and test results.

When making a final selection, keep in mind the features required by your practice. It will help you determine which software can be used for best practices. You can compare the functions and watch demos to help further you decide between Care360 and MediLinks. The ultimate decision depends on the requirements of your practice.