best wellness tea

Incorporating the right wellness tea into your life is much easier when you know what to look out for – let this guide for how to choose the best wellness tea be your light

Reading labels isn’t something they teach in school, although that might be something to consider in the future. Especially as the number of products on the shelves is always increasing.

With so many products loaded with chemical GMOs, it can be difficult to know what is what. Even non-assuming products like tea can be genetically modified and full of preservatives.

Here are a few helpful tips that can point you in the right direction next time you’re shopping for the best wellness tea.

What makes a wellness tea great?

Before investing in a product, it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research first, as not all wellness tea is made the same.

Scanning the ingredients list before you buy can help you get the best bang for your buck, while also being sure to avoid anything that might affect existing allergies.

Look at the ingredients

Wellness tea is made to do one thing. Help make and keep you well while providing a soothing and delicious experience.

Common ingredients that the best kinds of wellness tea are loaded with include the following.

Turmeric root, lavender petals, organic stevia, natural flavor, turmeric root, dandelion root, tulsi, fennel seed, ginger, and sencha.

Each and every one of the previously mentioned ingredients plays a part in keeping your body well. Wellness teas are special as they are one of the few drinks that a person kind find such a rich array of beneficial herbs and ingredients.

But not all herbal teas will contain beneficial ingredients as they are supposed to, so remember to check labels and online descriptions before you buy.

How do these ingredients affect your body?

Wellness tea rich in medicinal herbs has been found to help balance the body in a number of different ways.

Things like blood sugar levels, quality of sleep, stress levels, immune health, rate of metabolism, and even digestive regularity, are all benefited by the help of herbal wellness tea.

The ancient herbs and spices that wellness tea is packed full of, have been helping people for centuries and will continue to do so.

What labels to look out for

Food labels are put in place to protect consumers. In the USA, there are several government agencies that enforce companies and the labels they place on their products.

Here are a few labels to be on the lookout for when deciding which wellness tea is right for you.

Certified organic

An official seal of approval from the USDA means that the product in question is verified to be organic. Choosing organic products means that you, the consumer, know exactly what you’re putting into or onto your body.

The manufactures and farmers that produce organic products have certain standards that must be met legally, in order to get the USDA-certified organic label.

When you choose wellness tea that is certified organic, you know that there were no preservatives pesticides or herbicides used on your product.

Nutritionist approved

Choosing herbal tea that contains this label, means that a certified nutritionist has approved the product as safe and beneficial for your health.

It’s important to keep in mind, that although consuming herbal tea can be an extremely beneficial part of our daily, we still need to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Any nutritionist would remind you that wellness tea is not a meal replacement, but tea with a nutritionist-approved label is proof that the ingredients are in fact, great for your overall health.


Finally, wellness tea labeled as GMO-free means that you can be sure that no ingredients on the tea have been altered or genetically modified in any way.

More and more people these days are choosing products that are GMO-free, in order to be 100% sure of what they are putting into their bodies. And for some, genetically modifying organisms goes against the rules of nature and thus shouldn’t be done to the products we consume on a daily basis.

If buying products that are strictly herbal and natural, then you’ll want to look out for wellness tea that is 100% natural and GMO-free.

Final thoughts

Taking control of your health and lifestyle doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. Making changes and taking baby steps like checking labels and buying only organic and non-GMO wellness products is a great place to start.