Chvker Jewelry

JANUARY 30, 2021/ HOUSTON, USA: Ladies value their look to stay stunning, confident, and slaying wherever they go or stay in-house. Part of fashion styling for ladies comes with jewelry, which works towards communicating an intended message. Chvker, founded by Nazlia Yunus in 2014, provides a set of jewelry to ladies that completes every outfit and sets mood no matter how worn or layered. The company has a wider reach owing to its love on Instagram and celebrities preferring its products. The necklaces produced by the firm are unique in design, striking a noticeable look on wearing, making dressing fun every day. The jewelry sparkle when worn with other ideal accessories. The products have a long life due to their durability and strength that grant many years of use before deciding to change.

Information Center

The business understands the need to have an information center for quick response to client queries and purchases. To understand the products on offer, the firm has information on jewelry that seeks to advise and offer guidelines on what is best for clients. The jewelry grants the matching of zodiac signs to enhance relationships among peers. Further, the center provides an insight into each type of jewelry and the materials used in making them. There are tips on the best blend of jewelry for every occasion and a logbook center providing a sneak preview of jewelry to adorn in various seasons.


The firm is adept at the production of rings, necklaces, and hair accessories that blends clients’ styles and personalities. These items augment fashion, aligns with an occasion’s theme, are prizes to best friends, blends to seasons, wedding accessories, meant for neat hair keeping, and gives a classy feeling. Further, the store customizes jewelry to a client’s need in portraying an intended message, for example, a BFF necklace. The customization also covers layered sets of jewelry, mostly best friend necklaces and earrings to complement defined themes or rock a fashion style. Clients who keep asking if “I can get a necklace for my best friend” have a home in Chvker which they can deliver suing gift cards on offer. The cards grant perfect present delivery to special people in life at an affordable and convenient cost.

Help center

The business offers help to its clients by handling matters on domestic and international returns and exchanges. Chvker provides a ring and necklace sizing chat and directives on measures and size using the chat before purchasing. The firm advises on shipping matters, both domestic and international, costings, and shipping insurance. An online contact form is in place for remarks and feedback for the team to respond to or send an email at [email protected].

About Chvker Jewelry

The founder of the company, Nazlia, saw an opportunity while still a university student and put in just $20 to get supplies. The firm has grown to grant chances to clients to sign up and even enlist their wish list of jewelry to own and direct the same products to a “My Bag” section before buying. There are several details on the store’s website detailing an in-depth understanding of the firm, products, and services.

For more information on running offers, price changes, new releases, and steamy deals, visit the official website.