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Casinos have long been associated with bubbly atmospheres, bright lights and the scent of possible life-changing winnings. Online casinos have managed to retain the ambience of brick and mortar casinos to an extent, but they are never going to match the original package. If you want to earn money or gamble for fun, a trip to a 5$ deposit casino Canada would provide some direction.

However, if you want to experience the thrills of a luxury getaway, complete with pristine accommodations and the chance to view exquisite art collections, this article is all the direction you need. That said, let’s determine where art meets gambling and how you can enjoy them both.

The Connection Between Art and Gambling

Art has been around since the existence of man and has undergone tremendous development over that time. Gambling has also been around for a very long time. Maybe not in the form of the organised casinos and sportsbooks that we have now, but people have been betting on outcomes for a long time. As such, it is curious that most people haven’t taken the time to explore a possible connection between the two. If you have, we have got to say you are one of the lucky ones considering the quality of art gracing the walls and rooms of some casinos. If you have not, we are going to rectify that. Learn also what are casino cashback bonuses and how to get them.

Famous Art Collections in Casinos

A good place to start this journey would be to visit some of the most famous art collections that are available in casinos. These gambling enterprises may have started out as havens for card players and fortune hunters, but they have developed into complete centres of entertainment. Today, it isn’t uncommon to see the most popular casinos of the world hosting shows and events to go with the luxurious accommodations they also provide. As such, quality art is rarely ever out of place there. The following casinos are widely believed to showcase the best art:

  1. The Bellagio (Las Vegas): it’s hard to mention Vegas without talking about the Bellagio. Its architecture, accommodations and resort offerings are held in high regard by visitors, but the art is worth mentioning as well. This famous casino goes out of its way to collaborate with museums and collections from around the world. The result is a showcase of fine art from all places.
  2. The Hippodrome (London): this is another casino that combines wonderful architecture, with a touch of art. However, unlike most art-inclined casinos, the Hippodrome has digital art exhibits to go with its more traditional pieces.
  3. The Palms Casino (Las Vegas): a roll call of artists represented on the walls and rooms of the Palms include Warhol, Basquiat and Hirst. You should be able to surmise from this that there’s nothing understated about the quality of the art on show in this casino.
  4. Casino de Paris: widely considered to be the home of luxury and one of the art capitals of the world, it shouldn’t be surprising to see a casino from Paris make this list. However, this casino isn’t just any casino, and the quality of art on display proves that.
  5. The Venetian Casino Resort (Macau): the global floodlights have recently been shifted eastward to document the rise of Asian billionaires. All of that money has to be going somewhere and this resort is one of the prime casino locations for the Asian elite. As is expected of a casino hosting such a company, the resort has a décor and art collection to mirror the opulence and tastes of its patrons. Read also about the ”Aladdin” gamble.

There are other casinos with similarly impressive art collections on display, including:

  • The Aria casino (Las Vegas)
  • Wynn Palace (Las Vegas)
  • International Hotel Casino (Bulgaria)

Casino-Related Photography

Not all art is created with chisels, picks or canvas; some are created on photograph paper. Photography is art, and despite the reluctance of some people to accept that, they can’t change the fact. Luckily, for those that recognize quality though, this is a form of art that isn’t as expensive to possess but is iconic in its own way. There are pictures of the “WELCOME to fabulous Las Vegas” signs that have been taken again and again over the years. If that’s not for you, there are the thunderball photographs of Sean Connery at the tables that have made the rounds as well. These photos aren’t expensive but they could transform a room into your private casino with their presence.

Popular Paintings

A lot of the art that is showcased in the casinos listed above is not related to gambling; they don’t have to be. They exist simply to satisfy the demand of art lovers who gamble (or gamblers that love art), and with such a wide array of tastes to satisfy, it wouldn’t make sense to segregate and display gambling art alone. However, this hasn’t stopped some casino-based paintings from making their name in the art world. If anything, many of these paintings have gone on to become even more popular. That said, these paintings are not as affordable as the photographs mentioned above but they are just as iconic. Some of these paintings are:

  1. Dogs Playing Poker (Coolidge): this series has made some appearances in Hollywood movies and is very much deserving of its legendary status.
  2. Card Players Series (Cezanne): this is a series of five paintings that might not have the popularity of Dogs Playing Poker, but is just as respected.
  3. At the Roulette Table (Munch): ever stood at the roulette table of a popular casino? This painting attempts to capture the rowdiness and palpable tension following every throw of the ball.

The Significance of Art to Casino Culture

Art has a relationship with gambling and casinos. However, beyond serving as a draw for casinos and pleasing gamblers during their times away from the tables, there isn’t much financial significance, especially for players. Online casinos are challenging this logic. Many online casinos are becoming more creative with the theme of the games they have on offer. The design may be down to the software providers, but it is worth noting that they are trying to appeal to the perceived needs of players. What this implies is that artistic expression is starting to find a new home in online casinos, and the impression on gamblers could have a big effect going forward.


You might not have known that art had a place in the casino world, but now you do. Of all things, though, we have tried to point out that the connection between art and gambling goes beyond just the popular collections. There are iconic photographs and paintings to consider as well, and you don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy them. So, when next you go online or visit a land-based casino, you would do well to check whatever art they might have on display.