Compensation for a Bicycle Accident in Georgia

After a bicycle accident in Georgia, you may wonder, who is responsible for your injuries? Our blog post delves into the possible types of compensation that can help you receive what you deserve. We hope this post will help clear up any confusion about the injury. Georgia’s laws do not mandate insurance companies to pay for injuries from a bike accident. Since it’s a motor vehicle violation, you could be liable for the total amount owing or face penalties. To make your life easier, we’ve gathered all the possible compensation types below:

Only if the Accident was Not Your Fault

You were in an accident where you were not at fault. The other driver was at fault for the accident, and you seek compensation. Most people believe that if they have a bicycle accident and their injuries are not the rider’s fault: they will not receive compensation. It is false. In Georgia, two types of losses can be compensated. The first one is pain and suffering, while the second one is economic loss.

To use your bicycle as a mode of transportation to get to and from work or school, the bicycle accident you had must be the fault of another driver, or you’ll not be able to receive economic damages, even if it was your fault. If you were to get an injury while attending a regular route, you might receive the lesser of these two types:

Economic Loss

Economic losses are monetary damage that the victim sustained due to injury. The economic loss must be due to another party’s negligence, not your own. If you were riding on a public roadway with traffic, and the driver in front of you stopped their car to make a turn without maintaining any bicyclist signal and hit your bicycle, this damage can be awarded. The same goes if a car hits you and causes you to fall off your bicycle, landing on your hand or arm.

Pain and Suffering

This type of damage includes financial loss and pain and suffering. It is the amount that one can receive after a bicycle accident. It usually occurs as injury to the rider’s body, such as broken bones or severe tearing of muscles from the accident. It is not always the case, however. If you were to get injured in a bicycle accident, this compensation could be awarded to you if you were to show that the doctor attested to your injuries and the accident was caused by someone else.

Only if the Accident Was Your Fault

Even though accidents can happen in any case, there are times when people are at fault. If you have an accident while riding on a road that is open to public use, you will not be able to receive injury compensation. This type of bicycle injury is not a strict liability in Georgia, and you will still be responsible for the total amount owed and any damages to your bicycle. It can also happen when you were riding with improperly maintained tires and did not have a rubber protector or tubeless tires.

Remember, no matter what happens with an accident, whether it was your fault or not, you will have to pay the total amount. Never enter into a situation where the other party was at fault. It can create unnecessary complications and headaches for you in the future, and this will be something you wish you had known beforehand. Learn more from this Roswell bicycle accident lawyer.