Critical Purple autoflower seeds

Critical Purple autoflower seeds produce fast-flowering, non-photoperiod plants that are guaranteed to knock your socks off. These sweet ‘n tangy buds are packed with THC, and you only need a couple of puffs to feel relaxed, calm, euphoric, and excited for dreamland.

Do you want to know all the juicy details about this hard-hitting hybrid? Keep reading for the full lowdown on its origins, effects, flavors, and growing requirements. You’ll also get top tips on the best places to buy autoflower Critical Purple seeds.

Let’s dive in!

Critical Purple autoflower seeds description

What are Critical Purple autoflower seeds? In terms of effects, flavors, and other characteristics, these marijuana seeds are the same as regular Critical Purple seeds.

The only difference is that they contain ruderalis genetics, allowing them to produce plants that flower automatically when they reach a certain age.

In most cases, autoflower Critical Purple seeds are also feminized, giving you female-only crops that bloom regardless of the light schedule and develop faster than photoperiod weed seeds.

If you have some experience cultivating cannabis, you won’t encounter too many challenges while growing Critical Purple autoflower seeds. It’s vital to watch out for novice mistakes that could reduce yield size and bud quality, as autoflower plants don’t have enough time to recover.

Once you get the rookie errors under wraps, these plants are a dream to grow, thanks to their fast-flowering traits, natural resistance to pests, and ability to withstand cooler climates. In fact, exposing these crops to chilly weather results in gorgeous purple-tinged foliage.

Autoflower Critical Purple seeds produce short, compact, and bushy plants that stay true to their indica-heavy heritage. These crops typically stretch to a maximum of four feet, boasting broad leaves and thick lateral branches. Although they’re small, they develop dense buds packed with THC. Expect a dark green, purple-tinged hue along with amber pistils.

The plants grown from Critical Purple autoflower seeds emit fruity, floral, herbal, and earthy fragrances that never overwhelm your nostrils. When you smoke the aromatic buds, you get a subtle cerebral buzz followed by an onslaught of deep relaxation and total couch-lock.

Critical Purple autoflower effects

Critical Purple autoflower seeds grow into hybrid cannabis plants with approximately 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics. THC levels typically average around 20–25%, while CBD is 0.7%. As a result, you can expect gentle mental stimulation and limblocking physical effects.

Although this cultivar delivers powerful sensations, they take a while to set in. After the first few tokes, the trip begins with a pleasant euphoric buzz that melts away your daily worries and lifts your spirits. Expect to feel more focused and calm while a slight tingly sensation starts to infiltrate every part of your body.

As the physical effects build, you start to feel more relaxed and less inclined to engage in any vigorous activities. The buds grown from autoflower Critical Purple seeds are known for their sedating qualities, so don’t be surprised if your body wants to sink into the closest comfortable spot.

Once the sedative effects reach their peak, the only thing you’ll want to do iscatch up on some sleep or sink into the sofa with your favorite TV show. As a result, the buds grown from Critical Purple autoflower seeds are an excellent choice for evenings or lazy days.

Munchies are a common side effect, so keep some snacks on hand. Other regular occurrences include cottonmouth and dry eyes, which you can remedy with water and eye drops. If you overindulge, you may get some slight dizziness, paranoia, or anxiety, so keep an eye on your consumption levels.

Critical Purple autoflower flavors

Critical Purple autoflower seeds produce buds packed with linalool, a terpene that delivers sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors. They also contain high levels of alpha-pinene, myrcene, caryophyllene, and d-limonene. When you combine these complex terpenes, you’re left with a fruity, floral, and herbalsmelling strain that’s a delight to the senses.

A sweet, citrus, and earthy flavor teases your tastebuds once you light the nugs grown from autoflower Critical Purple seeds. Expect hints of wood, thyme, and parsley on the exhale. The smoke is smooth, creamy, and free of harshness.

How to germinate Critical Purple autoflower seeds

Cannabis cultivation begins with germination, which is a process that signals the start of a marijuana plant’s life. When you provide suitable levels of moisture, light, and humidity, it lets the cannabis seed know that it’s safe to sprout.

Opt for indoor germination to give your Critical Purple autoflower seeds the best chances of survival. Starting your weed seeds outdoors can leave them vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and insects. When you germinate them inside, you reduce unfavorable outcomes.

There are several ways of starting autoflower Critical Purple seeds, each with various pros and cons. Regardless of your decision, remember to incorporate these top germination tips with every technique:

  • Use purified water
  • Install fluorescent lights
  • Keep the temperature at 71–77°F
  • Set the humidity levels to 70–90%
  • Avoid drying out your marijuana seeds

Here are three different germination methods to pop your Critical Purple autoflower seeds:

The paper towel method

This technique is reliable, simple, and affordable. It’s a go-to for most cannabis growers and reveals taproots in as little as three days.

First, gather the following things:

  • Two large plates
  • A bowl of purified water
  • Tweezers
  • Two paper towels
  • Your autoflower Critical Purple seeds

Then, follow these easy steps:

  1. Wet one paper towel in the bowl and squeeze out the extra water.
  2. Lay the sheet flat onto a plate and use tweezers to space your cannabis seeds on top of it, leaving an inch of room between them.
  3. Repeat the first step with the other paper towel and gently place it over your Critical Purple autoflower seeds. Flip another plate over and use it as a lid over everything.
  4. Carefully set your germination station in a warm and dark spot, and wait for taproots to emerge within the next 3–5 days.
  5. Don’t forget to check on the moisture levels every day, misting your marijuana seeds with extra water if things start looking dry.
  6. Once the taproots are at least a quarter-inch long, you can move them to a bigger pot.

The glass of water method

This technique is incredibly straightforward and cheap, but the results aren’t always the same. If you want to give it a try, round up a tall drinking glass and fill it with purified water at a temperature of 71°F. Put your Critical Purple autoflower seeds inside, and wait for taproots to pop in the next five days.

Planting directly into soil

Fast version and autoflower seeds are more fragile than other cannabis seeds during the seedling stage. When you transplant them to a pot, they can suffer from stress or easily get damaged. To stay on the safe side, cannabis breeders typically opt to plant autoflower Critical Purple seeds directly into the growing medium.

Fill a pot with top-quality organic soil after soaking it in a bucket of water. Adding root stimulator is optional, but highly recommended. Make holes about half an inch deep and place the cannabis seeds inside their new homes. Cover them with a loose layer of soil, but avoid excess compression. Mist water over them to ensure plenty of moisture.

Place your growing pots in a warm and damp place, and tiny seedlings should appear within 4–10 days. After that, you can relocate the soil and plant to a larger pot.

Critical Purple autoflower seeds grow information

If you’ve got some hands-on experience cultivating cannabis, growing Critical Purple autoflower seeds shouldn’t pose a challenge. These plants are versatile, hardy, and easy to manage. They’re naturally resistant to pests and diseases, effortlessly handle tougher conditions, and thrive in outside and indoor setups.

Due to their rapid flowering time of 7–8 weeks, you can easily get multiple harvests a year. Autoflower Critical Purple seeds take an average of ten weeks to go from seed to harvest, but waiting an additional two weeks can result in more flavors, increased potency, and higher yields.

These crops flourish in soil and hydro, so pick the substrate that suits your growing preferences for optimal results. You don’t need to incorporate any training techniques, as these plants have a short life cycle and a small stature.

Here are some strain-specific tips for growing Critical Purple autoflower seeds indoors:

  • Give your plants a minimum of 18 hours of light through their entire life cycle, but a full 24 hours is recommended for even better growth.
  • Keep the heat at around 71–77°F
  • Maintain a relative humidity of 40–70% during the pre-flowering phase, and crank it down to 20–40% when blooming begins.
  • Give your crops plenty of room and optimize the airflow for efficient ventilation
  • If all goes well, you can collect up to 14 oz./m² of indoor buds.

If you grow autoflower Critical Purple seeds outdoors, stick to these tips:

  • Aim for temperatures around 71–77°F and never let them drop below 66°F.
  • Don’t plant your crops during the rainy season, as it can lead to excess moisture and a lack of sunlight.
  • Keep your crops safe from unfavorable conditions by planting them in pots and moving them inside when the weather calls for it.
  • Use porous pots to ensure healthy root development.
  • Opt for a 3-gallon pot to help your plants reach a maximum height of four feet.
  • For multiple harvests, germinate your first batch of Critical Purple autoflower seeds in late March and start the second by late June. Expect to collect 5–7 oz. of buds in June and again in October.

Critical Purple autoflower seeds genetics

The Critical Purple strain inherits its genetics from Critical Mass and Big Bud. To create autoflower Critical Purple seeds, breeders crossed these cultivars with a ruderalis. Here’s an overview of each parent strain:

  • Critical Mass: This indica-dominant hybrid is a favorite among medical users. It contains high THC levels and emits skunk, earth, and citrus flavors.
  • Big Bud: This indica-heavy hybrid produces plants with enormous buds and delivers powerful physical effects.
  • Ruderalis: This wild-growing species of cannabis adds autoflowering genetics without changing Critical Purple’s characteristics.

Check out the genetics table of Critical Purple autoflower seeds:

Critical Mass    Critical Purple autoflower
Big Bud

Where to buy Critical Purple autoflower seeds

Now that you’re an expert on this exquisite cultivar, it’s time to find out where to buy Critical Purple autoflower seeds. If your local weed laws allow you to purchase, consume, and grow marijuana, it should be a hassle-free experience.

The first place most canna-enthusiasts visit is the local cannabis dispensary. Although brick-and-mortar retailers are convenient and let you get up close and personal with the products, they have some disadvantages. They often don’t have a wide selection of cannabis seeds, and rarer cultivars are typically harder to find.

If your local marijuana retailer doesn’t have stock of autoflower Critical Purple seeds, consider hopping online and checking out a recommended seed bank. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you shop online:

  • A massive selection of top-quality cannabis seeds
  • A germination guarantee on all purchased seeds
  • Around-the-clock customer service
  • Quick, easy, and secure payment options
  • Discreet and secure deliveries
  • Free access to expert advice on cannabis cultivation
  • Free membership to an online community of marijuana lovers and growers

Check out Homegrown Cannabis Co’s seeds if you’re ready to scratch the itch and buy your own batch of Critical Purple autoflower seeds.

Pure purple happiness

Autoflower Critical Purple seeds produce fastgrowing, ultrapotent, and easytogrow plants—as long as you have some basic cannabis cultivation knowledge. If you’re a fan of colorful cannabis, you’ll love the gorgeous purple-toned hues these crops produce in colder temperatures.

Aside from their outstanding growing characteristics, these plants also promise out-of-this-world effects. After a few puffs, you feel happy, relaxed, stressfree, and pumped for a night of deep sleep. Don’t forget about the delicious aromas, as these buds are packed with fruity, floral, and earthy scents.

Are you ready to grow gorgeous-looking, hard-hitting, and flavor-filled buds? Visit a well-known online seed bank like Homegrown Cannabis Co and get some of your own Critical Purple autoflower seeds today.