Customize Your Remote Working Gea

With more and more people working while on the move, all you simply need is a laptop with an internet connection and you’ll be more than ready for a variety of different roles that can be done entirely on a computer.

For someone constantly on the move, you’ll be extremely limited on what you can feasibly bring with you as you move from one working environment to another. Most likely, you’ll be bringing the core basics which include your laptop, a mouse and keyboard, and a headset.

These items, while limiting the amount of customization you can do, allow for easy mobility. Today we’ll go over some ways you can spice up your remote setup to really stand out from the boring default colors many companies who manufacture them produce.

What are Some Ways I can Customize My Remote Working Gear and Equipment?

Never Touch your Laptop Keyboard or Trackpad

For most people, including those who work exclusively at home, never utilize the default keyboard and trackpad included on their laptop. There are several reasons including the following:

  • The keyboard may be too small given the size of the laptop
  • Moving with a trackpad is extremely awkward
  • Using multiple monitors is difficult with a laptop keyboard
  • Ergonomically, it doesn’t make sense to use a laptop keyboard as you’ll always be looking downwards

Even in certain offices, many employees bring in their own unique keyboards and mice to avoid using the generic office-like equipment.

Your options are to consider utilizing and purchasing keyboards and mice that have extra functionality, aesthetics, and superior material. Luckily, higher-end keyboards and mice offered by various companies target either gamers or those working remotely. For gamers, you’ll be more likely to be offered better design choices.

The plus to investing in these superior equipment is the ergonomic and efficiency features that come built-in these devices. The keyboards and mice may most likely have ergonomic features built-in as well as efficiency features, such as shortcut keys you can program or have been pre-programmed to save you time.

For those looking to fully maximize and customize their setup, an option is to purchase a keyboard and customize it with your desired switches, such as clicky or linear key switches, to optimize your typing experience and control the overall size of the keyboard itself. For some users, you may not need a numpad or most of the F keys on your keyboard – customized keyboards will allow for the removal of these unnecessary keys.

An additional bonus is the smaller size of your keyboard, making it more portable and easier for you to carry from one place to another.

Spice Up Your Laptop for Everyone to See

Go to any tech conference and you’ll see many laptops with various unique stickers on the back of it. Companies, brands, and various organizations give them out in the hopes you use them for free advertising. Some peoples’ laptops have dozens of these stickers whereas some just have one or two.

If you’re not interested in purchasing these stickers and making your own unique stickers, consider investing in the equipment you need to produce them. With the right matte sticker paper, you can easily create stickers after designing them on your desired software.

Have no design skills and just want to print some designs you found on the internet? You can do that too! With the right sticker printer, you can easily add an image to a word document, print them out, cut them, and have professionally made stickers in less than an hour!

Stickers do more than just build your brand and show off which causes/companies you support, but help you stand out and build your identity. With stickers, you are able to include any type of graphic, whether its company logos, random pictures, funny memes, or other social slogans. Stickers truly allow you to customize your most important work from home asset: your laptop!

Your Headset Really Shows What Kind of Employee You Are

Headsets, or earbuds for some, are a necessity, especially in public places where you may be part of virtual calls. Other than to avoid making excess noise for others, sometimes you may want the conversation to be relatively private, so others don’t hear.

You see several variants of listening devices one may use – from the popular Apple Airpods to the professional office worker Jabra headset. To customize what kind of gear you have, consider using headphones that really match what kind of person you are or what you’ll most likely be doing on an average workday.

Looking to stay strictly professional and utilize a headset optimized for those working remotely? Jabra is a famous company that produces various models of headsets that have superior Bluetooth capabilities, microphones, and battery life. Sure, their design may look boring, but their reliability is what people are looking for.

Are you closer to an audiophile and need to reduce noise as they can be distracting? More premium headset companies like Bose can provide headsets that fit this category. You may be jamming out to music one minute while working and then carefully listening to meetings in a loud coffee shop the next minute. Noise-canceling headphones are great for this.


Workers on the move focus on portability and minimizing their overall weight of the equipment they bring with them. Because of this, these workers often have limited choice when it comes to customizing their working gear and often stick with company default choices.

This article has gone through several ideas to spice up your equipment to better meet your own personal needs, whether it’s customizing your keyboard and mouse, going artistic and creating your own unique stickers to stick on your things, or even using a headset that best suits your personal style, you’ll find many avenues to build your unique identity.

Find what works best for you and remember – no one person is the same! Find out what is the most comfortable for you.