Dab Rigs vs. Dab Pens: Which is Right For You

If you’ve been yearning for an upgrade in the herbal department, it’s time to graduate to the world of dabbing. Dabs offer a much more potent experience than smoking regular old flower, and even newbies can easily adjust dosage for a curated high. Other attractive attributes of concentrates include efficiency, speed, innovation, and flavor. 

Once you’ve decided to make the leap to wax concentrates, it’s time to make yet another decision. Should you use a dab rig or a dab pen? 

What is a dab rig? 

Dab rigs resemble traditional water pipes, although they can vary in size and design. Despite the variation of rigs, they are all composed of three main parts. At the very top of the rig is the mouthpiece, which attaches to a tube connecting to the main water chamber. The bowl, or nail, extends out from the bottom part of the water chamber. To use, dabbers apply heat to the nail with a torch and then place a small amount of wax using a tool. The scalding hot nail will vaporize wax immediately and produce milky aromatic smoke, which is then inhaled. 

Pros of a dab rig 

Dab rigs undoubtedly offer the most powerful hit out of any smoking device, but there are other advantages. For one, they come in an array of designs ranging from sleek quartz versions to adorable mini dab rigs. You can even find one-of-a-kind glass-blown rigs that double as artful home decor. Another benefit of rigs is water filtration, which cools down smoke and offers a smooth hit every time. 

Cons of a dab rig 

Of course, dab rigs aren’t the right fit for every smoker. The need for an external heat source using a hefty torch is sometimes viewed as a con. Additionally, some glass rigs are fragile and are easily broken if not handled with care. Dab rigs can also become resin-caked and dirty from wax concentrate and must be cleaned often to ensure a successful smoke session.

What is a dab pen? 

Dab pens perform a similar vaporizing function as dab rigs in a different approach. Typically pen-sized and straightforward in design, dab pens are made of three main components. Starting at the bottom is the battery which must be charged periodically. The heating chamber is in the middle, where the battery electrically charges several small coils inside. At the very top is the tank filled with dab oil and the mouthpiece used to inhale the tasty vapor. 

Pros of a dab pen

The most significant advantage of a dab pen is it’s easy to use, so you can take a quick puff whenever and wherever you feel the urge. The internal heat source also eliminates the need for an intimidating torch and can heat the wax in seconds. Finally, most high-end dab pens allow for precise temperature control so you can take low-temperature or high-temperature dabs back-to-back. 

Cons of a dab pen

A few disadvantages to using a dab pen include their inability to provide a terpene-rich flavorful hit. And while taking a few hits is sure to offer a satisfying high, dab pens aren’t nearly as powerful as dab rigs in terms of potency. Finally, dab pens rely on power to function, so if you forget to charge it regularly, you could be in for a major disappointment. 

The choice is yours 

Dipping your toes into the dabbing community is an exciting journey, and choosing how to enjoy concentrates is half the fun. You might select a sleek mini rig and necessary accessories or favor a discreet yet stylish dab pen. Once you’ve found the right tool for you, the only thing that’s left to do is sit back and ride the high.