Mattresses play a vital role in keeping one healthy. According to a national sleep survey, around 92% of people find a comfortable mattress important for proper sleep. A good mattress ensures the body a perfect combination of support and comfort. A good mattress makes sure one’s body is in the best posture and the natural alignment of the spine is maintained.

There are some types of mattresses available in the market with their list of pros and cons. The buyer should be aware of his requirements for a good sleep. We often don’t know about the different types of mattresses available in the market, the difference in their prices,  characteristics, their benefits, and the purposes it meets. Enlisting below the different types of mattresses available in the market, according to the parameters of cost, benefits, and materials.

1) Innerspring or spring mattress:- One of the oldest and most used types of mattress has to be this one. A generally standard rather primitive kind of innerspring mattress is made using a metallic coil support system. Traditionally a single unit is where the coils are connected. Hence, it gives this mattress a bouncy feeling. The more the number of the coils, the more comfortable the mattress is, which gives a better quality of sleep. However, innerspring mattresses might seem a little too primitive to a few, but while looking at the beneficial purposes it meets, it is a winner to many in the mattress market. Its prices range from budget to luxury. It lasts for around 5 to 8 years. It is very easily available and easy to be carried to places. If the most useful factor is considered about this mattress then it would be the variety of firmness options as per the arrangement of springs. We have a continuous coil which is an s-shaped coil made from one long wire with an in-budget price. After this comes the most frequently used Bonnell coils, they are long and springy, mediumly in the budget, and better than a continuous coil, but offset is a step ahead of it. Offset coils are hourglass-shaped. They have hinge-like squared top and bottom connected to the neighbor coil. The hinge-like effect in the coil ensures that it flexes when under pressure. Last but not the least, there is pocketed coil. If mattress price is the main concern of the buyer then innerspring mattresses are the best choice.

2) Memory Foam:- Memory Foam is a material which doesn’t only belong to our bedrooms. In the 1970s, NASA invented it to reduce the chances of injury during plane crashes for pilots and passengers. Here, we get to know the very first feature of memory foam is its shock-absorbing nature. Memory foam is the temper of Viscoelastic polyfoam. As the compound name suggests, the material is thick and somewhat stickily in shape. This leads to the fact that when pressure is applied it takes the shape of the pressurizing object. Once the pressure is removed it gets back to its original shape. Memory Foam also responds to heat and pressure, hence it offers extraordinary back support, pain relief, and relief from pressure. It keeps the body in its natural alignment, offers pressure to joint pains, and takes the shape of the body on it so it doesn’t cause any strain on the back while sleeping. Its price varies from Mid-Tier to Luxury level. The mattresses last up to 8 to 10 years. Memory foam is largely divided into three distinct categories. Regular memory foam, Latex, and Gel memory foam. Regular memory foam offers complete pressure relief to the body, being the best type of mattress for body pain sufferers and side sleepers. Since it is an open-cell foam it responsively acts with the body heat, creating the best temperature for sound sleep. Next is the latex foam which is the plushest and most comfortable. It may not retain body shape but it is a great shock absorber. If multiple people are sleeping on one mattress then this is the one, since it absorbs disturbance and movement. Last but not least there is Gel Memory Foam. It is a mattress for people who tend to heat up or get sweaty while they are asleep. It is a layer of gel formulation on memory foam, which increases the amount of air flowing through the mattress drawing the heat away from a sleeping person. As far as comfort with healthy factors is concerned, Memory Foam is the ideal mattress.

3) Hybrid:- With the changing time, with all other things mattresses have updated themselves too. With the combination of memory foam and innerspring, we have Hybrid mattresses. It is innerspring coils, stacked against a layer of memory foam, be it latex, gel foam, or traditional. With the softness of memory foam, we get our old-school squeak and bounciness in one mattress. The span of the durability of such a mattress is around 8 to 10 years. Such mattresses can be bought with a budget that is mid-tier or even luxurious. There is a long list of benefits of Hybrid mattresses. When memory foam with its responsiveness to body heat can get a little hot, coils in hybrid mattresses induce airflow keeping things cool and airy. They provide really good support while one sleeps on wider angles like on their stomach or back as the innerspring provides a good deal of support to the body. Hybrid mattresses quickly take the shape of the body to a certain limit instead of the slow sinking characteristic of memory foam. They have a luxurious feel, unlike innerspring. Also, it doesn’t have the eerie noisy responsiveness that traditional springs do.

4) Airbed:- Air bed or Air Mattress is an inflatable mattress that is made of polyvinyl chloride or rubber. It can be deflated to store or carry. Air mattresses can be both moderate and costly. It has a wide range of benefits like custom softness. It can be inflated as firmly or as softly as one wishes to. It also has two inner chambers which enable two different people to inflate two sides as per each one’s preference. Air mattresses are mostly made to treat back issues. It has no sagging effect after years of use since it can be inflated to perfection anytime. It is also airy and cool to sleep on.

Choosing a mattress and calling it beneficial is a very subjective concept. Different people have different criteria for their mattresses. Since bedrooms are the place we all look up to after a good or a bad day, mattresses are a very important investment. Hence it is very important to do a thorough study about what kind of mattress one needs.