DoD Financial Management

Government modernization requires federal employees in the Department of Defense (DoD) to remain up-to-date on fighting waste, fraud, abuse, and other issues. DoD staff members can stay current on industry developments and certification requirements by enrolling in federally-focused financial management courses. Such classes offer comprehensive, government-aligned, and career-driven programming that’s key for individuals working on their DoD-FM certification.

The Importance of Financial Management Courses

Individuals in the federal landscape face a multitude of challenges in the course of daily work. Yet knowledge of the proper collection of data, technical and leadership skills, and the basics of financial management ensures that federal employees can tackle each issue they face.

Professional expertise is part and parcel of all aspects of their work. They need the correct data to make critical decisions, establish themselves as leaders, and work effectively in a team with other subject matter experts. 

Financial Management Subtopics

Course subtopics—such as government auditing, accounting, budget/performance, and internal control—are provided for DoD employees. Within these subtopics, courses such as Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Control for Managers, and Information Systems Audit help employees enhance their position and necessary skills.

Beyond its subject matter, financial management courses can help government employees with specific skills: business writing, running meetings, team-building, navigating change, and more. Plus, these courses are available at the beginner, intermediate, and expert levels to suit individuals at every stage of their careers. 

Stay Ahead of Developments in the Federal Landscape

Accelerating your career with comprehensive training has never been easier. Learn and apply key financial management concepts with federally-focused courses right at your fingertips. These programs were designed to give DoD employees the practical analytics skills necessary to succeed in their roles.