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Double hung windows are a structure where the upper window remains in one position, and the lower one moves up and down in parallel. A mobile window can be fixed with special hooks from the window mechanism, they are also called latches. There are two well-known double hung window models:

  • Vertical lifting, most often called classic. This window consists of two compartments. One compartment is the main one. The other is mobile. The scheme of work is as follows — a movable one runs over the main compartment slightly. Such a mechanism also prevents the accumulation of dust and moisture.
  • Pseudo-English view — this is a structure in which there is no movable section.

A double hung window is the choice for comfort. And this choice occurs most often, which is likely to displace a single suspended window from sales. A window with double sections is more convenient to modify, keep the old style and keep up with the times.

Double hung vs single hung window

First of all, a single hung window vs double hung windows is cheaper, which is known and understandable to everyone. Due to the increased design, the complexity of the mechanism, the customer is faced with a choice —  price or convenience. Double windows are easier to operate, despite the elaborate mechanism, the complexity of the installation, where a professional is undoubtedly required. However, once the window is already installed in the interior, it rarely needs to be tidied up.

Despite the significant difference in design, the general characteristics of windows double hung  are as follows:

  • Both types have high burglary protection. Any suspended window is not so easy to open from the outside, so much so that the glass remains intact;
  • It has a function with a tilt opening, with which you can easily remove the entire window;
  • You can always choose the ventilation mode for yourself. The mechanism, in which there is a sash with a fixed position, is provided for;
  • Double windows are difficult to break.

Still, when collecting double hung windows in the standard form, single glass is used, but innovations have bent under the convenience of climate, cold, moisture and now they are being developed with one glass and double. Of course, they do more with double glazing.

What is a double hung window classic? In the classic form, the windows are made of wood, maintaining the authenticity of the structure. Also, thanks to modern modifications, it is possible to order plastic double windows. In addition to the main advantages of the standard design option, this one can also add:

  • a high level of sound insulation, which occurs through the use of a special filler;
  • sashes, which are fixed in any position, have an additional hinged opening;
  • dismantling the sashes.

Any double hung window has a provided mechanism in the design that moves one or two sashes. This is the only thing that remained from the old window options and passed into modern modifications. A lot has been changed — these are the dimensions, type of glass, fittings. So, simple glasses, as mentioned above, were replaced by double-glazed windows; there are no bindings in the glass joint.