Drug Addictions

Teenagers struggling with addiction may not disclose the specifics of their addiction. If your teen is not upfront about the substances they’re using, you may need to look out for the signs of drug addiction. If you suspect your teen is struggling, seek help immediately.

When a doctor prescribes addictive pain medication, it can result in substance use due to the psychological effects and the development of tolerance and dependency. Teens may also abuse drugs with other substances, further complicating their addiction. Without treatment, the addiction can be fatal and result in insignificant consequences.

Thankfully, there are ways to find help. To keep you informed, here are five drug addictions to watch out for in teens and young adults. If your teen is struggling with addiction, search ‘drug treatment centers near me’ to find help.

1. Fentanyl Addiction

As an opioid, the addictiveness of fentanyl is powerful. Research suggests that the drug is over 100 times stronger than morphine.  In 2019, over 30,000 deaths were the result of synthetic opioid overdose. Fentanyl suppresses the nervous system, giving teens a dangerous way to escape.

Some of the symptoms to look for include social withdrawal, stomach upsets, mood inconsistencies, and changes in routine. Fentanyl causes immense mental distress with symptoms not limited to fatigue, reduced motor skills, hallucinations, etc.

2. Meth And Addiction

Meth is a stimulant with dangerous consequences. Symptoms include nervousness and “meth mouth,” a combination of neglected oral hygiene, lip sores, and teeth discoloration. Search ‘drug treatment centers near me’ to learn more about the visible signs of meth addiction.

3. Heroin Addiction In Teens

The use of prescription painkillers can ultimately result in heroin use. Teens often fall into heroin use after being exposed to a painkiller. Many teens find it easier to find heroin than prescription painkillers. The rush from the drug alters brain chemistry and causes the user to develop tolerance.

4. Teen Cocaine Addiction

Teens often use cocaine to drink more alcohol. They combine cocaine and alcohol to partake in greater alcohol consumption to go along with the status quo. Cocaine may also be snorted, which also plays a role in the party-like culture among teens.

5. Stimulants Like Adderall

Many teens have admitted to using Adderall and Ritalin without legal prescriptions. These stimulants promote focus and alertness, which can benefit one’s academic performance and productivity. This sense of being “on speed” can create a false sense of control. Research ‘drug treatment centers near me’ to find treatments for stimulant abuse.

Treating Drug Addiction

Overcoming addiction requires a combined approach of individual and group therapy. By learning healthy coping mechanisms, teens can relearn to manage stress without using drugs. Do a search for ‘drug treatment centers near me’ to find resources.

Help Them Get Their Life Back

By searching, ‘drug treatment centers near me’ you’ll find places to get help and resources for therapy. Get the help your teen needs so they can get their life back on track.