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Egg Donor Search Online – How To Do It The Right Way?

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Egg donation has become a silver lining for many women out there who are not able to conceive a child due to infertility or other reasons. A woman’s fertility generally starts declining after she attains the age of 35 years or more. This is also one of the reasons why couples turn to egg donation in the hope of realizing parenthood.

Choosing an egg donation can bring you one step closer to your dream of having a child. As you embark on this journey, the first question you would come across is – how to find egg donors? How to search for egg donors online?

Choosing the right egg donor is very crucial. You need to ensure that the woman donating her eggs for your cause should be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. The quality of the egg has a great impact on the egg donation process and the embryo formed through IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

This is where most intended parents face trouble.To simplify your task, we have come up with some tips to help you find the right egg donors online.

Take a look!

Tips To Do A Perfect Egg Donor Search Online

1. Take Time In Researching

Most couples do not take the time to inquire about the process and the requirements of egg donors, which can create troubles for them later. The hurry is completely understandable; you as an intended father or mother want to see your dream turn into a reality as soon as possible.

However, when doing an egg donor search online, you must first educate yourself about the egg donation process, the qualities of an egg donor, the traits of an ideal egg donor, and how a wrong choice can impact the process. You should spend time with the donors as well to know them better and be able to make a more well-informed decision for your future.

2. Create A List Of Characteristics Or Traits

When you search about egg donation, you will come across something called – requirements of an egg donor and characteristics of an egg donor. The two are different things. An agency might define certain medical and physical requirements for women who wish to donate their eggs. But the characteristics you want in your donor are very unique. You might want your child to belong to a particular ethnicity, say an Asian. So, you would want your donor to be an Asian as well. Similarly, you can list down the desired traits or characteristics you want in your egg donor, like educational requirements, physical traits, etc.

3. Look For Intellectually Rich Personality

While most parents would want their child to look like a particular person or have certain attractive features; an intellectual personality is what you should focus on.

Egg Donor Search Online

Many donors start donating their eggs at a very early age, say 20 while they are still in college or pursuing an academic degree. You should go through their intellectual and emotional quotient as well, and not just their level of education. You can browse through their essay and skills sections, their hobbies, and their passion in life. After all, you want your child to be perfect in all spheres of life.

4. Don’t Be Adamant 

This is where most intended parents fail. As quoted above, we said that before you begin your egg donor search online you must prepare a list of traits or characteristics that you want your child to inherit. Sometimes, couples become too adamant about these traits that they end up limiting their choices.

You should and must adjust even if you find someone who matches 90% of your requirements. If you wait and go for that 100% it might take forever. Your focus should be to match with the most crucial traits and have some negotiable traits in mind. Keep an open mind when going through the list of egg donors. Limiting the choices even before starting the egg donor search online can cause further delay in selection.

5. Study The Profile Thoroughly

One of the perks of associating with an agency and going through their egg donor database is to get a complete profile of your donor. While you may get that even when you work independently, but then you might have to do the entire work on your own and begin from scratch. Agencies conduct egg donor search online and have a vast pool of donors from all countries, ethnicities, cultures, and ages.

They can filter down the list to bring you the donors’ information that matches your requirements to a large extent. When you shortlist donors, you must study their profile thoroughly. This includes their medical and family background, educational history, etc.

6. Accept Imperfections

When you finalize a donor and start working with them, try and be patient. Everyone has imperfections, including you. So, you need to be focused and patient with you and the donor during the entire process. Be ready to face difficult situations and some disappointments as well.

Your search for an ideal egg donor is not as difficult as you might think if you can be patient and compassionate throughout the search.

The best way to do egg donor search online is to search online donor directories, social media groups, and yes, the egg donation agencies. Taking aid from an egg donation agency will cut the chase to half. They can not only guide you through the entire process of egg donation but also share with you their egg donor database. You can share specific details or traits you are looking in your egg donor with the agency, to help them find your ideal egg donor.

Take the first step towards realizing your dream of parenthood and contact an egg donation agency now.

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