Email Copywriting

As you probably already know, email copywriting is the act of writing an email for potential customers with the goal of motivating a conversion, which can be a trial, a sigh up, a reply, reading your blog posts, etc. No matter what it is, the point is to use the copy in the email in the right way that it works toward a conversion.

Of course, one of the best ways to do so is to hire a demand generation specialist who will know precisely how email copywriting works. Nevertheless, it is valuable to understand how to write an engaging email to bring future loyal customers to your business.

Therefore, we will see four tips for creating compelling content in email copywriting. Let’s not waste any more time and get into it right away.

First of All, Get Personal

Before we get into some other tips about the structure itself, the first and probably most important thing in email copywriting is to get personal.

It is interesting that, in some ways, it can have some similarities with writing a reminder email since instead of composing for hundreds or thousands of people, you have to focus on writing the email to one person.

In fact, it is pretty simple; if you want your email copywriting to make a conversion, it has to be personal. You need to pretend that you are not writing to many people; instead, you need to act as if you are talking to one buyer. So, provide them with the knowledge of all the impressive things you want them to know about, and explain to them what you would like them to do. Therefore, keep the situation conversational and straightforward since email is mainly a personal and private way of communicating. Think of you as the reader, and if you want your email copywriting to connect with the readers, you have to approach things in a personal manner.

Pay Attention to the Subject Line

If you create a subject line that is not engaging and interesting, it won’t inspire the readers; therefore, they won’t bother to take action at all, which means they won’t even open your email.

That is why it is valuable to concentrate and focus when writing your subject lines. Of course, there are several important aspects you have to keep in mind when writing your subject line:

  • Once again, get personal – Use the real names of people in the “to” and “from” sections since this will for sure bring you higher open rates. When someone sees this, it creates a personal moment right away.
  • Use action verbs – Action verbs are great for your subject line since they will help people realize what you want them to do before they read your email. Phrases like “Don’t miss out” or “Act now” are excellent for making sense of importance and urgency.
  • Length of the subject line – A subject line up to ten words but no less than six has the most effective open rate, and this is not a surprise since today, most people read everything on their smartphones. You can also have a tremendous long subject line for a desktop user, but since, according to Statista, the mobile users’ number is increasing continuously, it is best to use shorter subject lines.

Keep It Short and Simple

As mentioned above, it is true that people spend a lot of time scrolling on their mobile devices, and they do open emails, but they won’t read them if they are long and have hundreds of words.

That is why you have to keep it short and simple, be concise, and get to the point right away. Your subscribers want to know how you can help them, what is new, what they can get, etc. Therefore, your email copywriting doesn’t need huge blocks of text; instead, it is best to use short sentences, bulleted lists, and questions that will work towards the end goal.

Always remember that when people read emails, or anything else, in general, they don’t like long paragraphs, and they usually don’t read the text at all, so keeping it short and straight to the point is more than important.

Send Relevant Content

Sending relevant content when it comes to email copywriting represents precisely that, sending content that suits the receiver.

If you find out something interesting about filmmaking, you won’t share it with all your friends; you would share it with those interested in filmmaking. It is the same with email copywriting; you don’t have to send the same email to all subscribers. 

If you make a general email for all subscribers, it won’t resonate with anyone; for some will not be important at all, and for others, not convincing enough; therefore, there will be no conversion at all. It is much better to break the list of subscribers into several segments based on what they’ve clicked before, when they signed up, their shopping habits, age groups, and various other aspects connected to your business.