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8 Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on the Shopify Website

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Being one of the most leveraged platforms by people and even brands from all across the globe- Instagram is loaded with the most interactive & attractive feeds. And when these Instagram feeds are embedded on the website, they can do wonders to it, especially when the website is Shopify.

Because of its versatility and ability to constantly evolve, Shopify has become one of the most favorite website building platforms for eCommerce brands.

Before we start with the benefits of embedding Instagram feed on the Shopify website, we would like you to know more about Shopify.

What Makes Shopify a Great Choice for Brands?

Popularly known to be used as an ideal platform for eCommerce store owners- ‘Shopify’ sell goods & services both via physical and online ways.

It’s a great choice if you want to start your business from scratch, as it requires a minimal amount of configuration.

The best about Shopify websites are capable of hosting, and other important things are quite affordable even by brands of small sizes.

Now, you have an idea about Shopify as a great website building platform; we shall begin with the benefits of embedding Instagram feed on the Shopify website.

8 Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Shopify Website

1. Improve User Engagement

One of the best ways to boost user engagement on your Shopify website is by embedding Instagram feeds. 

It is to be noted that Instagram feeds are user-generated content, which is said to the most authentic, trustworthy & engaging content. 

So, when other users see UGC in the form of Instagram feeds, they get encouraged to stay on your website for a longer time, leading to increased engagement. 

2. Increase in Word-of-mouth Marketing

The more people will know about your brand, the more likely they are going to do word-of-mouth marketing for your products & services. 

Keep encouraging your website visitors to create and share content for your brand tagging your branded hashtag, handle, or mention.

3. Boost Site Dwell Time

There are so many positive impacts of increased audience engagement. One of them is an increase in site dwell time, which happens once Instagram feeds are embedded on the Shopify website.

4. Grow Social Reach & Influence

Brands can take advantage of so many benefits that are associated with embedding Instagram feed on the Shopify website. For instance, you can grow your social reach and influence both with the help of Instagram feed. 

5. Improve Brand Trust & Customer Loyalty

Instagram feeds in the form of user-generated content help you gain your customers’ trust without taking much time. 

These feeds are created by the unpaid contributors willingly, so other users can easily trust such content and will show more interest in your website at the same time.

Along with gaining trust, you can enhance brand credibility in order to gain the loyalty of your customer base.

6. Link Social and Commerce

Embedding Instagram feed on your website helps in bridging the gap between social presence and online presence. 

And when you link your social presence to commerce, you boost conversions as well as business sales.

7. Bringanners, backgrounds, and more. 

With the Moderation Panel’s help, you can eliminate all the unwanted keywords & phrases from your social media feeds. 

Along with that, you can also enjoy other features like a ticker, hashtag highlighter, Custom CSS, customer support, UGC Rights Management, and more. 

8. Increases Conversion and Sales

With increased user-engagement, brand reach & awareness, your website is more likely to experience higher conversion and sales. 

You can achieve great outcomes by embedding relevant and meaningful Instagram feed on a website that captures users’ attention.

One-Stop Solution to Embed Instagram Feed- Social Media Aggregator Tools

A social media aggregator tool helps collect & curate social media feeds into a single beautiful feed i.e., Social Wall. 

This wall can be therefore embedded on any website building platform in real-time. 

Well, speaking of aggregator tools, there are innumerable of them available in the market now. 

Out of so many tools, one of the best is Taggbox Widget, which helps in embedding beautiful Instagram feeds on your Shopify website. 

This tool also offers a variety of features like Customization through which you can apply various themes, font sizes & colors.


To summarize this blog, we can only ask you to go through each & every single benefit of embedding Instagram feed on your Shopify website. Vibrancy to the Website

Being the most colorful and appealing social media platform, Instagram looks this way because of its feed. 

And as you must know that a website’s interface lacks colors, so as soon as you embed Instagram feeds, it becomes extremely eye-catching and lively. 

In short, you can brighten up your boring website by adding life to it with Instagram feeds.

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