Employer For Stress And Anxiety

Stress is a fact of life and some stress is good for you. However, too much stress over the long term will increase your risk of a variety of age-related conditions. That’s why you have to take stress seriously and look at ways to reduce your daily stress levels.

If you are experiencing stress at work you need to ask yourself how much stress you are under and whether it is affecting you in any other way.

The short version is that you can sue an employer for stress and anxiety, but there are parameters. If you think you have a case you should talk to a reputable unfair dismissal employment lawyer. They will help if you are dismissed but can also offer help and guidance to resolve the issue before it gets to dismissal.

Setting The Stress levels

It is very difficult to establish a level of stress that is acceptable because everyone has different tolerance levels. That’s why every case is looked at on an individual basis.

You need to look at what effect the stress has on you and your life. For example, if you are starting to feel depressed and like you can’t cope with everything you have a dangerous level of stress. If this stress is a direct result of your employer’s actions and expectations then you have a case for suing them.

Every employer has the legal obligation to provide a safe environment for their employees. That doesn’t just mean protecting employees from injuries. It also means protecting them emotionally.

Emotional distress is a large area, it can be a result of anxiety, grief, humiliation, fear, and depression, amongst others. If you are experiencing any of these emotions due to work then you have emotional stress and need assistance.

This is obviously worse if any actions are specifically targeted at you as there is an element of discrimination as well as emotional distress.

Dealing With the Issuer

The best starting point is to talk to your employer, if you can. You may feel better doing this with a colleague for support. You need to identify what is causing the excess stress and anxiety at work. This will allow your employer to see it is a work-based issue and you need their support.

It can be helpful to propose a solution but your employer should also be able to take a little time to consider the best solution.

Doing this is important as, if the employer doesn’t try to help you, they are being negligent and this will strengthen your case against them. While most people don’t want to sue their employer, the simple fact is that this mazy be the only way forward to relieve the stress and get you the fresh start you need.

In short, if you feel stressed and anxious every day it’s time to speak to a professional. They can guide you through the right procedure to tackle your employer before suing them.