Essential Bike Accessories for Every Rider

Whether you are a newbie, expert, or casual bike rider, your safety on the road must be your top priority. Of course, you would not want any hassles that can cause delays on your trip. That is why bicycle accessories are available to support your ride.

If you are a newbie rider, you might first wonder which accessories you need. There are many choices to choose from, and learning which you should prioritize may require asking the pros.

Fret not because BikeChain is here to help you! We give you six essential bike accessories you must own as a rider.

1. Have A Safe Ride With Helmets

No matter where you’re heading, helmets should be mandatory to your gearing-up routine as a cyclist!

Ultimately, one can not ensure safety while riding even if you do your best to drive safely. Because, in reality, other riders may not be as careful as you.

So to be certain, it would be better to protect your head from possible falls. After all, there are many comfortable helmet options for you.

Just choose the right size and material that suits your type of ride, then you are good to go!

2. Bike Lights For A Powerful Night Ride

It would be better to be ready with powerful see and tail lights if you were caught in the night by the road! They will allow you to have clear visuals while riding.

As a rider, you need to see and be seen by the vehicles you come across. These lights will serve as your signal for them. The types of bicycle lights that you can use are as follows:

  • See and be seen lights
  • Sidelights
  • Flashing lights
  • Laser lights
  • Helmet and Daytime lights

3. Water Bottle Cage For Your Tumbler

If you are in it for a long ride, it is necessary to stay hydrated. So it is vital to bring your water bottle with you.

But riding while holding it may be a hard task. A water bottle cage attached to your bike’s body may be convenient. Remember, your body keeps the bicycle going, and water is your fuel. It would help if you had it on every ride.

4. Secure Your Bike Using A Lock

Unlike cars and other vehicles, bikes do not have doors, windows, and alarm systems that can ring if they are at risk of theft.

So if you need to leave your bike unattended in a parking space or any open areas for a while, you might need a bike lock. Put your locks in the frame mount to avoid bolt cutters and twist attacks.

5. Bike Pumps To Maintain Your Tires

It is fair enough to state that the most important part of your bike is your tires! Of course, it couldn’t move without them.

Also, it is important to maintain your tire health and look at their pressure levels from time to time. If your tires need more air and you are far from a repair shop, having your bike pump can be a lifesaver! Check your tires and pump air if needed, whether you are in the middle of a ride or about to go out.

6. Phone Mounts Might Come In Handy

If you are bound to ride in an unfamiliar way or destination, you might need location services through your phone. Riding while holding them is inconvenient, and it also puts your safety at risk.

But things were already made easier for you. Thank the existence of phone mounts. Attach them on your bike, and you can easily look at your maps!

Wrapping Up

As you enter the road with other drivers and cyclists, you hold a big responsibility to be safe. Not just for your own but also for others you encounter. The accessories mentioned serve your smooth ride, and being a secured rider lessens possible road hassles.