evil eye

People may see the evil eye symbol and wonder about the meaning behind it. Some experts believe the evil eye may have been around since the Upper Paleolithic age anywhere from 5,000 to 12,000 years ago. It persists today and may be found in several cultures, including Jewish, Muslim, and Christian, along with Hindu and Buddhist societies. What should a person know about the evil eye and its meaning in jewelry? 

Different Names

The evil eye goes by many names, and a person must know this when they are buying one in a different country. Fortunately, when researching options from Adina’s Jewels, one can simply ask for evil eye pieces. 

In Hebrew, a person would need to ask for Ayin Ha’ra items. However, in Turkey, they are known as Nazar Boncugu pieces, and Italians refer to them as Mal Occhio jewelry. Bla Band is the term for evil eye in Farsi, but it is Ayin Harsha in Arabic. Spaniards refer to the evil eye as El Oja or Mal Ojo, but Scottish individuals call it Droch Shuil. The evil eye in France goes by the name Mauvais Oeil, and Germans refer to it as Boser Blick. Finally, Romans refer to Oculus Malus when speaking of the evil eye. What exactly is an evil eye, and why do so many fears it? 

What Is the Evil Eye? 

When a person gives someone the evil eye, they are using a malevolent glare to curse the individual. They do so when this person is unaware so they cannot defend against it. Many cultures feel that someone who receives an evil eye will have bad luck, suffer misfortune, or sustain an injury. Evil eye jewelry is designed to protect people against the curse and is usually referred to as evil eyes or evil eye pieces. 

The Color of the Evil Eye

When most people think of evil eye amulets, they bring to mind the color blue. This traditional color protects individuals from the malicious evil eye while infusing them with good karma and positive energy. Some people choose a light blue evil eye, one that is the color of the sky, as they believe this shade symbolizes truth and also provides them with protection against the malevolent glare. 

Nevertheless, evil eye charms come in other colors. Black represents power when it comes to these charms, while purple signifies intelligence. Choose a red evil eye when you need courage and protection or a green one when you are searching for happiness. Jewish individuals often choose a red evil eye talisman. 

White represents health and turquoise symbolizes health. Select a pink evil eye for love and a light green one for success. Coral is another color that represents protection when it comes to these charms. 

The Blue Evil Eye

Men and women have been using talismans throughout history to counteract evil forces. The term evil eye is enough to have many looking for protection, and the concept and significance of the idea vary by culture. In fact, this talisman has been around since ancient times and the Old Testament references this glare several times in different translations of the Bible.

Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures truly believe in the power of the curse, and visitors to Turkey, Green, Afghanistan, and many other countries will find charms and decorations featuring the eye-like symbol wherever they go. Tourists often choose to pick up one of the charms or decorations as a souvenir of their time in the country. 

In ancient times, the evil eye symbol would appear on drinking cups. In fact, some experts believe this symbol has been around since the sixth century BC, although others say it isn’t that old. Archaeologists have found an amulet dating back 1500 years in Israel. Men and women are fortunate in that they can pick up an evil eye talisman or amulet and don’t have to rely on finding a centuries-old piece to protect them from harm. 

Using the Talisman

How should a person use the talisman to protect themselves from the curse? First, a person must understand the evil eye comes in three types. Unconscious evil eyes are those that harm a person or thing without meaning to. The second evil eye, in contrast, is done intentionally and meant to harm the recipient. However, the third one is unseen and is a hidden evil. People believe this to be the most sacred one. 

At one time, people felt this eye would see all the wickedness in the world. They gave it the power to remove ignorance and poverty. The Egyptian god Horus, when he opened his eyes, enlightened the world. When he closed them, the world became dark. Today, people see the evil eye bead as capable of reflecting the intent of the person giving the evil eye back onto them. 

In ancient times, the evil eye beads were commonly found throughout civilization. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrians, and Ottomans all used these talismans. Thanks to trade between different civilizations and the spread over various empires over the years, the beads began to make their way to all parts of the globe, and evil eye talismans can be found anywhere a person goes today. 

Individuals find they can choose home decor featuring the evil eye bead, jewelry with this symbol to allow them to remain protected wherever they go, and pieces designed to be put under a baby’s pillow. This protects the infant while they sleep. These are only a few of the many ways one can protect themselves against the malevolent glare and there are countless others. 

Men and women, when they go to choose an evil eye talisman or amulet, will find they have many choices. However, many women choose to incorporate this symbol into the jewelry they wear. Fortunately, doing so has never been easier. When a woman goes shopping for this jewelry, she will find she can purchase a charm necklace with the evil eye amulet, a tennis or pearl anklet, a ring, or earrings.

Furthermore, they have a choice of colors when it comes to the eye itself. Keep in mind the meaning of each color and determine which is needed. Quite a few choose to purchase more than one amulet or jewelry piece for different days of the week. As these items are affordable, doing so is easy. Check them out today.