extend a student visa in Germany

With hundreds of the best global universities, Germany is among the world’s top destinations for international students to study abroad. As per the latest official statistics by Erudera, Germany is home to 416,437 international students. The number of international students studying in Germany has increased significantly over the last decade.

International students usually require a visa to step into Germany. Many times, international students also need a residence permit to stay in Germany. However, the requirement of these critical documents entirely depends on which country students are coming from and the duration they intend to visit.

As a member state of the Schengen Area, Germany allows the nationals of 62 countries part of the visa-waiver program to stay in the territory for more than 90 days without a visa. Except for all citizens of the EU/EEA member countries, students from other nations must obtain a visa if they plan to visit Germany.

Suppose you belong to non-EU/EEA member countries and are considering pursuing higher education in Germany. In that case, you will need a visa to enter the nation and a residence permit to stay for over 90 days.

German residence permits to study for international students

A residence permit allows all international students to live in Germany while studying at a German university. The immigration office Ausländerbehörde issues residence permits for international students. The residence permit is valid for one or two years. However, students can extend their residence permits for the course duration.

Students willing to extend their residence permits need to submit a request at the Ausländerbehörde concerning the extension of the residence permit before the current one expires. Students will also require a confirmation from their German universities that they regularly progress in their studies and intend to finish within the standard timeframe.

How to extend a student visa in Germany?

Similar to residence permits, international students must visit the Ausländerbehörde to apply for a visa extension. Students can visit the immigration office on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Documents required for a German student visa extension

Prior to visiting the Ausländerbehörde, students must carry the following documents with them:

  1. Enrolment certificate
  2. Insurance certificate
  3. Accommodation contract
  4. Bank statement
  5. Personal ID document
  6. Passport with a valid visa
  7. A passport-size photograph
  8. The visa extension form

If students plan to extend the visa beyond the expected duration of their studies, they can also expect to submit their transcripts. A bank statement for the past three months is also necessary at the time of application.

Applying for a German student visa

International students can contact the German Embassy/Consulate in their home countries to apply for a student visa to study in Germany. Please note that a Germany student visa for Indians typically takes 6-12 weeks to be issued by the German Embassy/Consulate in India.

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This article is written by Monika Sinha.