vegetables and fruits

Having a yard filled with homegrown foods could save you a tremendous amount of cash. It’s cheaper and makes it easier than going to buy at supermarkets. Not to mention, foods that you can easily harvest around your area are guaranteed fresh. This is why most people now turn to grow vegetables and fruits in their garden then store them for canning or other purposes.

Canned foods make food preparation for many people easier and faster, especially for busy and on-the-go people. It’s also the most convenient way of creating delicious meals without worrying if they will spoil easily. This is because canned foods are made to have a long shelf life. Thus, making it suitable to be brought during long travels and for emergency food shortage.

Luckily, there are many canned fruits and vegetables available in the market for you to choose from. But, you could also try growing some of the most delicate vegetables in your gardens. In this way, you could benefit from it and also try venturing out in your own canned business and make a good profit if you want to. Read down below to learn more about vegetables and fruits that are suitable to be canned.


Tomatoes could go well with any food. It’s in pizzas, salsas, salads, burgers, and so many more. This red-colored fruit is enriched with so many nutrients, which gives the body lots of benefits like reducing the risk of having cancer. Also, it’s a source of essential vitamins that our body needs, like Vitamin C, potassium, and Vitamin K.

This fruit is suitable for canning because it has thick flesh and a few seeds with a few juices inside. Tomatoes could be made into a pasta sauce or an all purpose-tomato sauce. Also, some varieties are better suited for canning when it comes to tomatoes, like heirloom tomatoes.

Heirloom tomatoes are the best for canning because they have the size resembling a tennis ball even when it is already cooked. Not to mention, this variety of tomatoes is low on acid, so you could add as much lemon juice as you want for a water bath canning procedure. Growing tomatoes could be easy as a pie. Check out Gardener’s Path to know how to grow them.


If you’re a huge blackberry pie or jam addict, then growing your blackberries in your garden will surely be helpful. Canned blackberries hold well to canning and stay firm and flavorful when tasted. It’s perfect for any occasion, especially during winter times.

Canning blackberries allows you to preserve them for a long time, even without a freezer. Thus, you could enjoy its highly beneficial vitamins and minerals. They’re amazingly low in calories and fat. So, they are very easy to add to your diet.


Carrots are easy and fun to grow. They are packed with various nutrients like manganese, fiber, potassium, vitamin B, and Vitamin A, which is good for eyesight. Canned carrots could retain much of their natural vitamins and minerals, making them still as tasteful as ever. Also, you could try pressure canning some carrots.

Before you can eat some carrots, you have a choice whether you want to keep its skin or peel them. Wash them thoroughly and dice them. After so, pack the carrots into a hot clean jar but remember to leave one-inch space. Then, you can now add a tablespoon of salt, but it is not necessary to do. Ladle some boiling water over the carrots and remove some air bubbles using a canning knife.

Avoid using a metal utensil since it is not suitable and could break under pressure. Then, you can cover them. The good thing about canned carrots is that they can’t be as mushy as boiled carrots. So, if you want to mix some carrots in your soup, canned ones are a better choice since they will not end up becoming soft.


Cherries could be expensive when you opt to buy in the market. The main reason behind this is that this fruit has a very short season compared to other fruits and vegetables that have longer seasons. So, if you want a full stock of cherries, it’s very doable and fun.

Cherries could be canned in water, syrup, apple juice, or white grape juice. But before you do some canning, make sure that your cans are clean as well as your cherries. In this way, you are sure that there are no harmful bacterias that could destroy your canned fruits.


Canning could be a good way of preserving fruits and vegetables that you have harvested in the garden, but you can’t eat all of them at once. It’s beneficial in a way that these foods do not immediately go to waste, and you could still enjoy its delicious taste or mix it with your other favorite dishes.

You could try canning some of the vegetables and fruits mentioned above. It could be a perfect way for you to store your homegrown produce and last you for a long time if you do it correctly.