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Athens is a fantasy objective for some attributable to the way that there are endless activities in Athens. Well known for its rich social legacy, shopping locales, delightful food, and happening nightlife, Athens never neglects to amaze voyagers. You need not stress over what to do in Athens, as there is a great deal that anticipates you in this lovely and fascinating city. Always explore your journey in Athens with your friends with delta booking.

The Acropolis 

Scarcely any sights on the planet contrast with Athens’ Acropolis, with its Parthenon sanctuary roosted high on a rough bank overseeing hundreds of years of human progress. A token of the wonder of old Athens, the Acropolis was the focal point of the antiquated city and worked as a bastion in its secured ridge area. The most meaningful structure is the Parthenon, the biggest sanctuary of the old-style artifact period dating from 447 BC to 338 BC. With its stupendous lines of Doric segments and dazzling sculptural subtleties, the sanctuary is a sensational sight. In the frieze on the eastern side, reliefs portray the introduction of the goddess Athena. 


Seen as the best accomplishment of the Doric Order and Classical Greece’s most critical structure to make it to the 21st Century, the Parthenon is an image of western civilisation and the Athenian vote based system. The Parthenon was devoted to the goddess Athena and started in 447 BC, when the Athenian Empire was the prevailing power in the Aegean. Co-planned, by Ictinus and Callicrates, around then it was a city depository before turning into a congregation in the sixth century and afterward a mosque during the 1460s. Famously, a portion of the Parthenon’s models were pillaged by The Earl of Elgin toward the beginning of the eighteenth century and were later offered to the British Museum where they remain. The rest of the first frieze and pediment form is the feature of the Acropolis Museum, which follows. 

Lake Vouliagmeni 

One of the universally acclaimed activities in Athens, Greece is to visit this lake situated in suburbia of Athens roughly 25 km from the downtown area. It is famous for its waters that have restorative worth and 24°C of temperature all year. There is a curious bistro close by where you can pig out on delightful dinners and a play area where youngsters can appreciate. 

The Plaka and Anafiotika Neighborhoods 

Between the northern inclines of the Acropolis and Ermoú Street, the beautiful Pláka neighborhood is a traveler problem area. The principle fascination of this noteworthy territory is its beguiling town atmosphere. Thin common roads and the happy little squares of the Pláka quarter are fixed with beautiful bougainvillea-managed pastel-painted houses, cafés, and shops. Concealed in serene corners of the area are memorable places of worship, for example, the Metamórfosis Church in the southwest and the Church of Kapnikaréa in the north. A comfortable walk around the pleasant setting is the ideal activity when you’ve had your fill of remains and exhibition halls. 

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Road Dancing Milonga 

An Athenian couple enamored with Tango set a convenient sound system in Ermou and began moving in the road. Steadily, their companions followed their means and the company continued expanding in size. Presently, every Monday, a Street Dancing Milonga is composed where individuals from each age meet up with their moving shoes on. This is unquestionably one of the best time activities in Athens around evening time. 

Remnants of the Marketplace 

The antiquated Agora was the commercial center and the focal point of regular daily existence in old Athens. For an amazing perspective on the Agora from far off, head toward the north mass of the Acropolis or the streets from the Areopagus. The best spot to enter the Agora is at the north entryway off Adrianou Street. The Greek word Agora intends to assemble and speak, demonstrating that this site was an area of public talking. The Agora was a position of organization and trade just as the gathering spot of the Agora to Dimou, a urban dynamic gathering. Athletic occasions and theater exhibitions were additionally held here. 

Venizelos Mansion 

Visit the most seasoned enduring living arrangement! Enduring even today, the Benizelou Mansion from the hours of the Ottoman realm had a place at first with a refined group of Revoula Benizelou, who repudiated her life and turned into a sister to be at long last sanctified. The house is otherwise called St Filothei, the Athenian on the name of the religious recluse. Today is a gallery and gives an Old Greek inclination to sightseers through its sound and video screenings, and intelligent computerized applications for kids. 

Lost Statues Of Knossos Escape Room 

Attempt an Escape Game on the off chance that you like experience! Getaway Games are developing into an intriguing idea around the globe. One of the most well-known activities in Athens is to visit the Lost Statues of Knossos get away from the room where you can spend a decent number of hours with your their companions attempting to comprehend dubious questions and getting away from the room. This is one of the top experience activities in Athens. 

The Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library 

Neighboring the Ancient Agora is the site of the Roman Agora. While it might all seem like one site, these structures were built later, and development, in the end, proceeded onward to the site of the Ancient Agora. One of the effectively unmistakable destinations here is the Tower of the Winds. On the edge of the Roman Agora is the old Hadrian’s Library, established by Emperor Hadrian in AD 132. Much later, during Byzantine occasions, three holy places were worked close to the site of the library.