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If you’re hoping to travel across Vietnam, chances are you’ve already gotten a lot of destinations in your itinerary – the nice breeze across Halong Bay, the unity between nature and history of My Son, the buzzing social life in Ho Chi Minh, or even the atmospheric scene in Hoi An. Anyone who aspires to visit Vietnam will likely have these destinations in their bucket list, and chances are you want the most efficient means to get there. These might range from cabs, buses, or even trains. Sadly, while these are handy methods of transportation, we can all agree that they can have an unprecedented impact in terms of carbon emissions and pollution. And if you’re the kind who wants to keep things safe and secure in terms of your carbon footprint, then these travel ideas aren’t ideal.

However, this doesn’t mean you should stop touring Vietnam at all. In fact, finding handy ways of doing green travel in Vietnam can pave the way to an unforgettable experience – especially if you do it right. With the right tips and tricks, you’ll be able to have your dream Vietnam journey and do it green! Here are some quick tips you should remember:

Conduct research and secure the proper documentation.

Just like how we want our house moves with our movers to happen properly, the same principle applies when it comes to green travel in Vietnam. While you’re doing your research about your itinerary, you might want to do advanced work when it comes to securing the necessary information about hotels known for their green accommodations, securing eco-friendly tours, or even booking eco-friendly restaurants in advance. That way, you won’t have to worry as much about eco-friendly travel while you’re in Vietnam yourself as your entire itinerary is based on the premise that you’re going green on the get-go. 

Consider alternate travel options.

Aside from the usual cab and bus, you might want to consider more eco-friendly options when it comes to their travel options. For instance, a lot of tours in VIetnam offer eco-friendlier options such as renting hybrid cars, public transportation, or even cycling and walking around. These options allow tourists to have a more serene and private way of enjoying their travel, especially since they’ll most likely be getting the most opportunities to interact with the locals or feel the atmosphere of Vietnam start to welcome them to the wonderful nation.

Consider adopting green habits while traveling.

Another extremely important tip tourists should follow to secure a greener trip in Vietnam is to adopt green habits while travelling. These are simple actions and behaviors that can make travel greener and much safer to do. For instance, limiting the use of plastic materials and instead relying on paper (such as paper tissues) can greatly help for the rest of the trip. Moreover, you might want to have a dedicated eco-bag and bottle to minimize consumption, so you just have to refill your water or bring your essentials with your eco-bag. In terms of attractions, just taking photographs and not taking anything else can make your trip more environmentally sustainable.

Go green when shopping.

Another important tip you can follow if you want a greener and eco-friendlier trip in Vietnam is to go for sustainable shopping. For instance, it’s much better to skip imported souvenirs and any items made from animals and endangered species. Instead, try to buy handmade goods and locally-sourced souvenirs to ensure that not only are we supporting the locals, but that we’re taking home something from the country itself. This is also a better way of showcasing Vietnam’s inner beauty, as you’ll be taking home items not only made by the locals, but also made from things found only in Vietnam. 

Secure local accommodations to maximize green options.

Instead of staying in the usual hotel, you might want to consider greener options in the form of eco-friendly resorts and hotels as well as locally-owned homestays. These usually take the form of places that use energy-saving tools, water-saving systems, alternative energy, or even greener materials instead of plastic such as glass and paper. If you’re having trouble in terms of recommendations, professionals such as travel agents or moving companies like may be able to refer you to nearby resorts or local hotels that may be right for your needs. 

Green Travel In Vietnam: Going Green Is Unforgettable

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that while green travel in Vietnam can be a bit tricky at first, it can easily lead to one of the most unforgettable travel journeys you’ll have. After all, the creativity and planning involved in doing green travel can help you discover things you wouldn’t have seen or heard about if you’ve chosen to have a more conventional means of travelling the country. Hopefully, the above tips have made the prospect of green travel in Vietnam more exciting for you and your loved ones.