Gun safety

When you’re investing in a new gun, making sure that you know how to operate it safely is your first priority. Gun safety can be the difference between responsible gun ownership and tragedy. 

Do you need some gun safety tips to start your firearm education off on the right foot? 

Between holding a gun, shooting a gun, and storing a gun, we have some of the most crucial tips for how to use a gun safely. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Assume Your Gun Is Loaded

So you’ve unloaded your gun. You know that it’s unloaded. You can see the ammo beside it. Unless your gun is actually open and in the process of unloading, assume that it’s loaded anyway.

This might seem excessive, but there’s some logic behind it. It’s common wisdom that you should never point a gun at anyone or anything you don’t intend to shoot.

Even when you’re just “playing around,” you can forget that your gun is loaded and end up firing by mistake. Always assume that you’ve forgotten to unload the gun.

2. Expect Kickback

When you’ve never shot a gun before, you might be surprised at how much the force of the shot pushes you back. If you’re not careful, you could end up shooting in the wrong direction or harming yourself. 

When you’re ready to shoot, tense your body to prepare for the pushback. Remember that physics says that when the gun uses force to send the bullet out, it must also exert that force backward onto you. 

3. Use Safe Storage Practices

Do you have anyone in your home who has no business holding a gun? Children, teenagers, and adults who haven’t learned how to handle a gun should be kept far away from firearms. 

Gun safety in a home with children is crucial. 40% of all unintentional shooting deaths amongst children occur in the home of a friend, and children and teens with access to guns are at greater risk of suicide. 

Invest in a good gun safe and make sure that you’re the only one who knows the code. Also, make sure that your family members know the basics of gun safety if someone gets ahold of the gun despite your best efforts.

4. Know Your Accessories 

It isn’t just the body of the gun that you need to stay aware of. Many people use accessories like firearm optics and silencers on their guns. 

Knowing how to identify the right accessories for your firearm of choice, install them, and use them, keeps you safe. Always read instruction manuals and consider watching educational videos or finding an in-person instructor before using your new accessory. For your jigs, you can purchase an 80 lower jig from 80 Percent Arms.

Use These Gun Safety Tips for Safe Firearm Ownership

Owning a gun is a big responsibility. While many American households have at least one gun, they shouldn’t use them frivolously. They’re deadly weapons, and gun owners must know how to shoot a gun properly.

Protect yourself and others by learning gun safety tips.

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