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Joining a gym is an amazing step to pursuing your fitness goals. Once you start that membership, the possibilities for you and your body are endless. The starting few weeks are definitely going to be the toughest. This is important to keep in mind as this is when most people give up. However, if you can get past the starting phase, there is a good chance you will be hooked. After all, you ask anyone who is really enthusiastic about the gym, and they will tell you they have to go multiple times. This is a really great habit to get into. Although, joining a gym can be a daunting thing for anyone who hasn’t done it before. If this applies to you, here are some tips that could help you out.

Ego Lifting

Ego lifting is a term you are definitely going to hear in correlation to the gym. So what is it, and why should you try to avoid it? When you break it down, it is pretty self-explanatory. It’s essentially lifting with your ego. Meaning you are not strong enough to actually perform the lift, but you do it anyway. This will not only result in poor form, but it also causes you to run the risk of an injury. It is usually very obvious when someone is ego lifting, so you definitely don’t want to be doing it. Beginners are usually the worst for this as they feel intimidated by the more experienced lifters. However, just remember to take it slow and go at your own pace.


Resting is a really essential part of the gym. One of the biggest mistakes that people will make when they go to the gym is not taking enough of it. This can be applied in two senses. One, they don’t take enough rest days. This means the muscles can’t recover, and you will feel very sore. The other is not taking enough rest during sets. You need to give yourself a chance to rest before performing another exercise. After a heavy lift, you can even feel free to take five minutes to rest. To occupy yourself during this time, you can use your phone. Playing the likes of a USA casino could help prevent you from getting back into it too quickly.

Gym Etiquette

Gym etiquette is definitely a thing. These are kind of the unwritten rules in the gym. Gym etiquette is something that usually catches a lot of new members off guard as you only really come to terms with them after the experience. So what are some of the gym ethics?

  • A personal item (keys, bottle, towel) indicate that a machine or area is being used. You should place an item in an area that you are using if you are going to the toilet.
  • Don’t use a machine for too long.
  • Don’t walk too close to people who are mid-set.
  • If the gym is busy, let people work in with you.