Hearing Protection for Shooting

More than nearly any other country, guns seem to fascinate Americans. It’s a Constitutional right for most people to own them, and some individuals and families own hundreds of all kinds. They might use them for hunting, or they may keep them in the home for protection. Others carry them around in states that allow a concealed carry permit.

Still other individuals like to take them to target ranges and shoot them. Some gun owners belong to the military or law enforcement, while others are hunters or people who like to fire their weapons to blow off some steam. Many people who try it say that it’s a great stress release source.

If you’re going to do this, though, you must protect your ears while firing weapons. The noise they make can be very loud, and you don’t want to damage your hearing. Not protecting your ears while firing a gun is the same as being up close to the massive speakers in the mosh pit during a rock concert or even being close to an airplane while it takes off.

We’ll speak about some of the ways you can protect your hearing while firing weapons in this article.

Noise Cancellation Effectiveness

Like almost any other product in a crowded marketplace, there are plenty of different earmuffs and other protective devices that cover the ears while you’re shooting. There are various ways to judge which one will work best for you, but noise cancellation should be at the very top of that list. After all, style is one thing, but how well they cancel the loud noise from the gun discharging is what matters most.

You can look at the reviews if you go on Amazon to check out some of the different noise-canceling headphone models that companies make for gun ranges. If the reviews say that particular headphone make and model is suitable for that, you can buy with confidence. The more positive reviews there are, the better you should feel about purchasing them.

You can also circumvent a larger site like Amazon and buy directly from a manufacturer’s website. You might not save any money that way, but you can probably watch some informative videos on the website since most of them seem to have them posted there. You can also buy noise-canceling headphones at brick-and-mortar store locations such as hunting and fishing stores if you’d prefer that versus the eCommerce business model.

How Easy It Is to Use Them

You should also probably look at how easy it is to use the model you’re considering. You can buy some headphones that require nothing more than you taking them out of the package and putting them directly over your ears. You may also have to adjust them, and you’ll want to think about how comfortable they are.

Again, if you’re not sure about the comfort factor before buying a particular model, it helps to look at some online reviews to see what customers say about the one that looks good to you. If there are very few reviews or you’ve never heard of the manufacturing company before, you may want to skip that one in favor of a more popular option.

What Special Features the Headphones Have

You will also find that these days, there are all types of special features and functionalities that these headphones might have. There are some that will let you listen to music while you shoot if that appeals to you. There are others that will let you pipe in instructions as you check your weapon for safety, load it, and fire it.

The other option, if you’re not into headphones, are the smaller ear plugs you can purchase if you go hunting. These definitely cost less. However, they’re not likely to have any of the special features and the enhanced, comfortable design that you can get with one of the popular headphone models on the market if you’re willing to shell out a little extra cash.

If you hunt and target shoot frequently, that’s when you’re probably going to be willing to pay more for one of the higher-end models. You should feel like the cost is worth it if you get a product that satisfies you while you’re protecting your ears from a gun’s loud discharge.

Industry leaders include Howard Leight, Peltor, and Sordin, so those should probably be the first models you look at if you’re ready to shop for gun accessories.