Household Pests and Their Effects on Your Family's Health

Having a healthy and happy home is one of the most important things you need to take care of when you have a family. Aside from the food we eat, the environment we live in plays a major role in our physical health, which is why you need to be aware of any potential threats. One kind of threat to your family’s health is pests in your home – they can bring on bacteria and lead to illness which is something we all want to avoid. If you are struggling with a pest problem in your home, researching good Pest Control Companies is the first step to take. In the meantime, here are some common pests and how they can affect you and your family.


These critters are annoying at best, but dangerous at worst. Flies may not bite or sting, but they are notorious for carrying and spreading germs. Flies are attracted to all sorts of things we don’t want in our home environment – trash, faeces, roadkill and who knows what else. It’s not uncommon for flies to pick up bacteria from these visits before landing on your plate. It’s important to keep flies away from your food, so flycatchers in your kitchen window might be a good idea if you’re struggling.

Stored Product Pests

Moths, weevils and certain types of beetles tend to find their way into our pantries and contaminate our food. While these creatures aren’t likely to carry diseases, they’re still plenty annoying and can make many of your pantry goods pretty much unusable. Items like flours and grains, seeds, beans and even pet food can often end up full of creepy crawlies that nobody wants to eat. It’s important to check the packaging of the food you’re buying before you leave the store, and keep all your dry goods stored air-tight if possible.


Mice and rats are other types of pests that are well known as dangerous and damaging annoyances to the average household. More than chewing through packaging and leaving droppings all about your kitchen, rodents are infamous for carrying and spreading diseases that could have consequences on your family’s health. Dealing with a mouse or rat problem promptly is important, and if you aren’t managing on your own, it’s best to call a professional to help you deal with them safely and humanely.


Whilst perhaps not a problem in the bacteria department, wasps can cause issues in their own, slightly terrifying way. When wasps nest, they tend to be adamant about where they want to settle down, and if that happens to be on your front porch, this is going to make your life difficult. Nobody likes a wasp sting, and if you have a family, it can be tough to keep clumsy, playing children out of harm’s way. A wasp nest almost always calls for professional removal, and keep in mind that these creatures do have a tendency to come back, so you might have to keep calling for help until they’re gone for good.