luxe bathrooms

Any modern bathroom will rank high on both functional and aesthetic appeal. After all, it has to meet the expectations of a contemporary home design without any exception. In that sense, you can imagine a modern bathroom to be minimalistic yet luxurious in its every single inch with trending interiors. If you precisely talk about the 2021 bathroom, you can think about it in the backdrop of lots of greens, blues, whites, and blacks. The use of glazed surfaces, statement brassware, and hand-painted finishes would be challenging to miss.

Expert designers say that a bathroom has to be a highly functional space. But after the pandemic, homeowners are more intent on making it a cocoon of comfort, where they can quickly escape for a brief moment of relaxation and peace. They look at it as a space full of luxuries and calm energy. If you also plan to make it an ultimate luxurious haven of comforts, here are some design hints to get inspired and replicate.

An ideal retreat

The 2021 bathroom will not be a place where you clean yourself. It would have to take care of your health and wellbeing too by helping you to unwind. When it comes to this, nothing can beat the idea of creating a spa-like environment inside. It would redefine your bathroom to be a place of indulgence and relaxation. As the demand grows to make it an abode of wellbeing, ambient lighting becomes quite a natural choice. It can effortlessly infuse tranquility and warmth into space so that your mind can remain calm and positive.

Simultaneously, you can also take a cue from bath-scaping trends that harp on the need to include plenty of plants and natural elements along with light candles.

A visual testimony of luxury

Since everyone is looking for an escape, bathroom designs have to look attractive and deluxe. Due to this, you can witness mimicking 5-star hotel-style bathroom décor even in the homes. From plush finishing to stone surfaces, they can don a bolder avatar. When it comes to upscale settings, the choice of marble countertops, metallic surfaces, and ornate hardware seems obvious. All of them carry an inherent air of grandeur, after all. One of the bathroom specialists also corroborated that the marble sale exploded by 366% in the previous year.

Other than these, accessories also play a critical part in the bathroom décor. People want objects with fine details. For example, options like elaborate gilded lion feet in the freestanding bath are getting preference. There is also a rising demand for matching mirrors that go with the bathroom furniture, ceramic levers, tumblers, soap dishes, towel rails, etc.

A leaning towards black

Black plumbing fixtures can be the recurring theme in these bathrooms as they stand for drama and glamour. You can think of a Kraus matte black bathroom water fixture, for instance. The darker shades of the accessories and furniture can look easily impressive. And the best part is you can combine darker shades with most of the light shades. To be precise, in a pink bathroom also, you can have black features to add a unique flair to the interiors.

A centerpiece of attention

Whether you renovate a bathroom or any other nook in the house, you would want it to have one strong element, an impactful centerpiece. Today, modern bathroom designs are embracing more statement baths and pedestal basins. The handcrafted pieces are gaining more traction as the focal point. However, it doesn’t mean you also have to choose the same style. You can create a unique corner in your bathroom by opting for glamorous vessel sinks and pairing them with waterfall faucets or other suitable designs to heighten the dramatic effect.

Imagine a backsplash of colorful mosaic tiles in the backdrop and a gorgeous vessel sink along with an extraordinary black faucet design leading the front view. Indeed, it will immediately catch anybody’s attention.

A green touch for relief

Even though luxury and comforts can be the primary thoughts, you cannot overlook your craving for the outdoor feel. Because of the incident of viral infection, everyone is avoiding going outdoors as much as possible. But it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy it. You can add the outdoor element inside to bask in things that your heart desires. You can achieve this by adding natural features, such as reclaimed woods, plants, waterfall taps, etc. All these elements would together enhance the spa-feel of the space.

A fuss-free space

A real modern bathroom cannot afford to have clutter. You need to organize it well with proper size vanity, necessary accessories, and others. All the varieties should exude practical value, style, etc. If there is a piece of storage furniture, it should accommodate all the bathroom essentials while having a significant presence. Also, try to incorporate circular shapes that look quite artsy. In that sense, buying a round vessel sink can seem logical. The console table or the vanity under this sink can boast of ornate details a bit.

A fashionable vibe

Wallpapers play a crucial role in home décor planning. When you decorate your bathroom, you can consider them for this area too. If you don’t want to change tiles at this stage, you can depend on wallpapers to do the magic. It enjoys a considerable decorative and creative appeal. You can use it near the bathtub or washbasin for maximum effect. And if you get bored with its look, you can replace it with a new design quickly.

What is your idea of a comfortable and luxurious bathroom? If you need a starting point for bathroom design, you can draw clues from here and build your choice. In the end, you will feel happy and content if it meets your imagination. And as you saw, you don’t have to spend a hefty sum to evoke luxuriousness. Even carefully picked objects can also do the desired job without costing too much. You can fall back on suggestions about faucets, sinks, wallpapers, green décor, and so on in this context.