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How Does Mailroom by PackageX Help with University Mailroom Management Problems?

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In today’s digital age, people love convenience over anything. People love to shop online and get things delivered right to their doorstep. However, things are different if we specifically talk about university and their mailroom management problems.

So, what do you think is the biggest challenge when we talk about campus mailrooms?

When you imagine a college mailroom, you are likely to picture an intimidating scene that may boggle your mind. Think about how difficult things get for mailroom managers and operators. These frazzled individuals are trying to sort piles and piles of packages. The mailroom operators then try to facilitate queues of students waiting for the package and inquire if their package has arrived.

As per the Harris Poll, 95 percent of the adults living in the United States believe students anticipate receiving packages from their loved ones.

Do universities do anything to encourage students to get their parcels delivered on campus without having to worry about anything? If not, then let’s see what the solution is.

Digitalize Your University Mailroom Management via Mailroom by PackageX

Why make things difficult when you can just automate it by embracing change!

Mailroom by PackageX is a mailroom automation software that makes full use of artificial technology solutions to automate and digitalize your mailroom. This software makes it easier for universities to facilitate students’ deliveries quickly and efficiently.

According to the PR advisor at FedEx, “Incoming parcel volumes are at record highs, and students have elevated expectations around how quickly they receive their packages.”

Universities have experienced a significant rise in incoming deliveries, which has made it troublesome for mailroom operators to manually manage it. Keeping in mind students’ high anticipation of their deliveries, not knowing the parcel’s whereabouts the next day is disappointing.

Therefore, we have seen more colleges and universities embrace digital transformation by implementing mailroom management software that automates manual processes and makes deliveries more transparent.

Here’s How PackageX Can Help

Mailroom by PackageX is an intuitive software solution that assists colleges and universities in managing their packages, mails, letters, and logistical barriers, what’s better than adopting a customizable, innovative, and scalable mailroom management tool that meets and exceeds expectations.

Here’s how Mailroom by PackageX has helped colleges and universities streamline their mailroom operations.

Quick & Seamless Mailroom Operations

A digital mailroom automates most of the tasks, which would help students save time through a quicker pickup and drop process.

Students can easily track their delivery status through the Mailroom app without having to go to the mailroom every day and manually ask for an update.

More Secure and Hassle-Free

Mailroom by PackageX maintains a delivery log with digital proof of every incoming and outgoing parcel. For students, they get instant notification whenever the mailroom staff receives their parcel.

What if they are unavailable to receive the package? They can designate an individual (a roommate or friend) to pick the delivery on their behalf.

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Go Contactless and Paperless

With efficient mailroom software, you get a contactless mailroom enabling digital proof of delivery. The service enables a picture of the recipient with the package for maximum safety and eliminates the hassle of signing papers or exchanging documents.

No Technical Hardware or Knowledge Required

The idea is to make things easier for mailroom staff so they can conduct operations seamlessly. When you choose an efficient mailroom management software like Mailroom by PackageX, you do not need any specialized hardware or learn technical skills to get the job done.

Utilizing this tool to the best of your ability is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

You can easily use the Mailroom app on your smartphone, which will do most of your work. The camera on your smartphone will act as a scanner to scan and notify students about their incoming parcels.

No Need for Manual Data Entry

Do you know a mailroom operator spends anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes on a package? This time includes activities such as adding data manually, receiving the package, notifying the recipient, printing shipping labels to send out parcels, and retrieving an item.

With Mailroom by PackageX, you are reducing the operational time you spend on manual tasks. A digital mailroom not only saves you time but minimizes room for error.


In recent times, colleges and universities have embraced digital technology in their mailrooms to streamline operations. Today, technology has upscaled the processes making things automated and more organized. The future, those mailrooms will only be successful who manage to integrate technologies in a timely and organized manner.

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