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Accidents are unexpected and can happen anytime. Being a victim of a personal injury can be overwhelming and confusing. It forces you to make work and finance decisions in the weeks and months following the injury. 

If your injury is due to someone’s else negligence, you will want to get justice. That’s where a personal injury attorney comes in. For instance, if you live in Bergen County, a personal injury lawyer Bergen County can help you file a claim against a company or people responsible for your injury. 

Finding the best attorney is no small feat. Lawyers can be generalists or specialists. When dealing with a personal injury case, you need specialists, as they have more experience in the field and know how to go about such cases. 

5 Tips on How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

Ask What’s Their Success Rate 

It would help if you had a lawyer with a higher success rate of settlements or won cases. Personal injury cases can be settled through a case trial or a negotiation between involved parties. Go for a lawyer with a long list of successful settlement negotiations who has argued before a jury and jury. This can be helpful in case your case goes to a courtroom.  

Check Their Fee and Contract Terms

Lawyers can be expensive, and most of them charge hourly rates. You already have medical bills and revenue losses, and your injury protection may not cover all your expenses. At this time, the last thing you need is another added financial burden. That’s why you must ask about the lawyer’s fee structure and contract terms. 

A great personal injury lawyer will have you on a contingency fee you pay after winning the case. The price is usually a percentage of the total amount you recover from the faulty party. Additionally, inquire about other expenses you may have to pay if you don’t get a settlement.

Know the Type of Cases Your Lawyer Handles

Some lawyers are general practitioners who handle all types of cases, including injury cases. For a personal injury claim case, you will want a lawyer who handles these cases regularly. Law is complex for a general practitioner to stay updated on personal injury and medical malpractice law developments. 

Insurance companies have seasoned specialists on payroll to defend their cases, and a general law practitioner will be at a disadvantage going against a law firm specializing in personal injury cases.

Is Your Lawyer a Member of Organizations That Represent Inured People?

There are national and state organizations that consist of attorneys dedicated to presenting injury victims. These organizations provide sponsorship deals to legal publications and legal education programs. An example of a national organization is the American Association of Justice (AAJ). Not all lawyers are members of these organizations, but lawyers who belong to them tend to be more experienced in their field. 

Ask for Referrals

Do you know someone with a personal injury or workers’ compensation case? Asking a friend or family for a lawyer recommendation will give you a starting list of which lawyers to interview. And if someone had a bad experience with a lawyer, that will be valuable feedback, and you can cross them immediately and get to your next prospect.


Personal injury or accident cases are complex, and you need an experienced lawyer to ensure you get the compensation fees you deserve. Use the above tips to narrow down your list of prospects to find the best attorney for you.