How to Get a Fake ID in Florida

It seldom does you find a fake ID maker that makes fake IDs look real. If you happen to be looking for one, we might just have one for you.

There are tons of fake ID makers in Florida. Sometimes, it makes it hard to choose from. One of the things that are notable about their fake IDs is that everything looks and feels real. It makes you feel that you just had a premium quality fake ID.

If you are one of the few who is looking for the best fake florida id generator in Florida, then we might just have the best fake ID maker on our recommendation list. Curious? Fret no more! In this article, we are going to talk about one of the best fake ID makers in Florida. Ladies and Gentlemen, we recommend ID God.

Who is ID God?

ID God is one of the best fake ID makers in Florida. They create premium fake IDs that look and feel real. A lot of users have shared some of their best thoughts in ID God. Most users would often say that fake IDs from ID God look exactly like the original ones. Police officers can no longer tell the difference because ID God was able to copy everything from the original, including the bar code.

Thus, more and more people are trying to get fake IDs from ID God because it’s a foolproof way to use a fake ID without being caught.

How much does a fake ID in Florida from ID God cost?

Fake IDs in Florida from ID God are a little bit pricey. One ID is worth $100. However, if you buy 2 or more IDs of the same fake ID, you will receive $10 to $50 off per duplicate. Aside from the fee, the shipping fee is another cost. Depending on your current location, the shipping fee will vary.

Fake IDs from ID God are expensive. However, the price of the fake ID is worth it. ID God doesn’t just copy the front part of the ID but it also copies the security features.

How to make a fake ID from ID God?

Creating a fake ID from ID God is very easy. You just need to go to their website, choose your fake ID, add your details, and upload your picture and signature. After that, you are ready to check out your fake ID.

It’s very easy, right? However, before you click the check-out part make sure to double-check the information added. This is to ensure that you won’t be spending another $100 for a fake ID with the right and correct information. Although ID God would revise the minor typo issues, you might be asked to get another fake ID for major revision.

Understanding the risk of fake ID usage in Florida

Another thing that you need to remember is the risk of using fake IDs. You might be charged with a felony and might be fined $5,000 or more if you are caught. Aside from that, you might be imprisoned due to a felony. So before you get a fake ID, make sure that you are aware of the consequence of using one.


Getting a fake ID in Florida is fairly easy. You just need to check out ID God. This fake ID maker offers high-quality fake IDs that are undetectable in many scanners. It’s a pricey investment. However, if you aren’t getting caught using their fake ID, then you know that your $100 for a fake ID is worth it.