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How to Get Incredible Hair: 5 Effective Tips

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When you are brushing your hair and you see a few strands on the comb, you feel a pit in your heart and fear losing your hair, right?

Firstly, let me tell you, hair loss to a certain extent is not seen as a problem. Everyone goes through it and is a part of the natural process of hair growth. A research says that losing 100 hair strands a day is natural. But at the same time, one cannot ignore the fact that hair loss is becoming a lot more common, and if you are one of them – you need to take actionable steps against it!

Instead of taking extreme steps and visiting a hair loss specialist, you must first try and improve your lifestyle and see how you treat your hair. Below, we have rounded up a list of things you need to do to improve your hair quality and avoid hair loss.

1.    Use Towel in the right way

When it comes to maintaining excellent hair, a lot of it is about what you shouldn’t be doing, rather than what you should. After bathing, brushing your head with a dry towel is a very common mistake that we commit in our day-to-day life.

Wet hair is more susceptible to damage, and rubbing it with a dry towel can do more harm than good. You will damage your hair, as well as the outer layer of your scalp.

So, what is the right way to dry your hair? Firstly, it need not be done immediately after bathing, let the excess water dry out automatically, and then you can gently try stroking the towel through your head. The aim should be to stroke it in the direction they grow, i.e., from scalp to tips.

2.    Trim occasionally

The number one hair care solution for split ends, is not a shampoo, a conditioner, or oil. Of course, they might help, but the best you can do to keep split ends in check is to aim to trim your hair regularly, atleast once a month.

Even telling your barber or stylist to remove damaged and hair split ends should help. Besides, everyone likes the new look after a quick haircut!

3.    Chemicals? Not if you want healthy hair

The market today is filled with chemicals promising you better hair and acting as a solution. Let me tell you, none of it is worth it, or actually provides you with good hair in the long run.  It is a lie they are trying to sell.

With chemicals, you are injecting your scalp with ingredients that are harmful and ineffective. They might make you look good at the moment, but remember, they dry up your scalp much faster than anything else. Always opt for natural products.

However, if things have already got out of hand, and you have suffered hair loss, growing hair naturally can be quite difficult. You can instead explore Transition Hair – they offer world-class solutions for people suffering from hair loss.

4.    Chlorinated water is very harmful

If you are into swimming, then you need to know that chlorinated water does not go well with your hair. Does your hair feel dry after a pool session? Well, it was because of the chlorine in the water. So, what can you do? Always, ALWAYS use swimming caps.  

Further, don’t forget to oil your hair before swimming, or apply a bit of conditioner. Remember to take a good shower and get your hair wet before you take the dive. Chlorinated water isn’t so harsh on wet hair. After your swimming session, take a good shower again, and shampoo if possible.

5.    Gels? Don’t even think

Gels might look all fascinating and stunning, but they are definitely not the best solutions for long-term hair care.

At the end of the day, gels are just a combination of polymers and alcohol, neither of which can be applied separately to your hair, so why apply them together? It is all the worse. Slowly, people are understanding the after-effects of gels on hair, and are avoiding it to a great extent.

Over to you…

Rather than blaming your genetics, take a closer look at your life choices and troubleshoot if they don’t align well with your haircare. Well, 35 million men and 21 million women suffering hair loss cannot be solely because of genetics, right? Other than that, keep these points in mind and you will see the difference!

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