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Most Effective Techniques To Get Rid Of Pantry Bugs

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There are a huge number of bugs and pests that can find their way into your home. Sometimes you can do things to prevent them from entering. In other cases, you’ll find that they sneak in regardless of your best efforts.

One of the ones you need to keep an eye open for is the pantry bug. If you find you have an infestation of them you may find it easiest to call the exterminators and have them deal with the issue for you.

Identifying The Pantry Bug

The three most common pantry bugs are moths, small beetles, and weevils. They are not generally seen as dangerous, they don’t bite or sting and they are not known to carry any diseases. That’s a relief although you probably still don’t relish the idea of eating them by accident.

The most common sign that you have pantry bugs is when you see small insects moving around in your pantry. The greater the number of pantry bugs the more complicated it will be to remove them. However, the procedure to get rid of pantry bugs remains effectively the same.

It should be noted that severe infestations are best handled by a reputable pest control company. They’ll eliminate the issue faster and will ensure all the bugs are gone. They can also help you prevent the bugs from returning.

Locating Infested Items

Pantry bugs generally target grains, rice, pasta, and even flour. You will need to check every packet of food in your pantry and throw away any that has bugs moving inside it. If you’re not sure then chuck it. If you place one bag of food in the pantry that is still infected you’ll start the whole problem again.

This is also the reason that food and bug experts recommend you store open packets of food in plastic or glass containers. It prevents the bugs from getting to them.

Remove Everything

Once you have removed all the infested items you should empty your pantry and re-inspect everything that is left, you need to make sure all the bugs in the food are gone.


You can now go into your pantry with your vacuum cleaner and vacuum every spot in the cupboard. Take your time to ensure you get every spot, remember the bugs are small.

Wash Everything

The next step is to wash everything. This means the walls, floor, and shelves. You should use hot soapy water and again, be thorough. This will ensure any infestation is killed off and won’t affect your ability to store food in the pantry.

Pesticides won’t necessarily kill the bugs but they will give you problems storing food in the pantry afterward.


Before you put everything back in the pantry, pause. You’ll want to make sure all the shelves are completely dry and there are no signs of pantry bugs. It’s also a good idea to recheck the food before you put it back into the pantry. It’s time-consuming but saves you from having to repeat the process.

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