How to Keep Your Work Site Safe During Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is a free natural resource. Did you know it only takes ten minutes for sunlight to get here from the sun 90 million miles away?

Solar panel systems are a way to harness this energy and turn it into electricity.

Every solar company has a protocol for installing solar panels, but each site might have its own set of hazards. 

Solar panel installation comes with some safety issues. How can you guarantee safety while working with electricity and heights? Keep reading to learn how to keep your worksite safe while installing solar panels. 

Visit the Site 

Before the installation begins, visit the site to identify and address any safety risks. Figure out if you need scaffolding or ladders. If using ladders, what size and type? 

What equipment will you use to lift and handle the solar panels? What fall protection equipment is needed for working on the rooftop? 

All equipment should be inspected before the project begins. 

Weather Issues 

Solar panel installation is too dangerous to complete in inclement weather. This type of work involves electricity so there is a risk of shock or electrocution. 

Wind, snow, and rain can also result in slipping, blowing panels, and loss of balance on the roof. Never try to complete an installation in bad weather. 

Handling Solar Panels

You may not have thought about it, but solar panels can heat up as soon as they are exposed to sunlight. That’s why they have to be handled in a way to limit the risk of getting burned.

Mobile carts should be utilized to transport the panels. Opaque sheets over the panels will keep them from heating up. 

The panels are very heavy and can cause pain and muscle pulls. Be sure to lift solar panels with a partner to limit strain on your body. Also, wear gloves while handling the panels. 

Use cranes to lift the panels to the roof. Never climb a ladder while carrying a panel. 

Electrical Safety

Disconnect the power on any circuits that can be locked out. Cover the face of the panels to halt the production of electricity. Have someone on-site to warn technicians when they are close to power lines. 

Properly ground the whole solar panel system to prevent electrical shock and injury. Because the electricity to solar panels comes from two sources, the utility company and the solar array, you need to take extra caution. Even when the electricity is off, the PV system is still producing power. 

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Be Proactive During Solar Panel Installation 

Now that you know how to keep your worksite safe during solar panel installation, you’ll be able to proactively safeguard your site from potential hazards. 

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